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Hi all! I have had a request from the makers of this show regarding the use of Welsh within the programme and to what extent it has increased interest in learning Welsh. Do any of you have any anecdotal evidence of people considering learning because of the Welsh used in the show? And out of interest, what do you make of it?
Many thanks!


There was a facebook post (Daily Post, I think) where people were discussing Victoria Derbyshire’s mispronounciation of cwtch - I can try and find it again and tag you in it if that’s of interest (a few negative comments in thread, but mostly people saying “good on her for trying”).

Personally, I think it’s great seeing Welsh on the signs and hearing the odd word. Dec makes a good job of ‘Gwrych’ (Ant hasn’t got the hang of Llandudno though), and it’s lovely to hear them say noswaith dda at the top of each show and pnawn da from Cledwyn! I think they’ve missed a trick with Cledwyn’s questions: e.g. the Welsh word “diolch” means a) please or b) thank you :wink:


Diolch Siaron! Yes, he tends to say Llandoodno doesn’t he. I didn’t think Victoria made a bad fist of cwtch to be honest, and as others have said, fair play to her for having a go.


I was really pleased they’d made the effort to use Welsh phrases and be bilingual in the names of the rooms etc. Would be good to have a trial based around it maybe. Or give them a background task to learn some Welsh - First few challenges of SSiW perhaps! Havent’ heard anyone mention it inspiring them to learn Welsh but then we aren’t getting out much these days!


Victoria Derbyshire’s teenage son is managing her twitter account while she is in the castle. He said that they know she pronounced it wrong, but to not be too hard on her as she purposely tried to learn some Welsh phrases before going into the show.


I have to say, I am loving this year’s show! It’s exactly the sort of light hearted relief that is needed at the moment.

I do think it’s great and important for them to be using bits of Welsh and as someone said love the “noswaith dda” on every show but feel like they could add “Croeso i Gymru”. I also agree that maybe getting a bit of Welsh in the trails or the castle coin challenges would be great but fear these are already planned out!

I haven’t heard or seen on social media anything about a heightened interest in learning the language though!


I am loving hearing a little Welsh on the show. It is showing respect for our language and culture. When Victoria used the word cwtch I was as pleased as punch. I too would like to see a task on learning Welsh phrases it would be hilarious.


Such a shame there were negative comments on her doing her best to speak the language. The fact that she took the trouble to learn it should be applauded.


We’re a bit behind so are watching it on catch-up, but it was hilarious to hear one of them (Vernon? Russell?) calling Cledwyn ‘blodyn’ the other night when they had won their coins. I have had a lot of English friends and family asking whereabouts the castle is and planning on taking a trip to see it when they’re next up on holiday, so definitely a lot of increased interest in Wales. And like others, I think it’s great to see the bilingual signage and hear the use of Welsh in the show. A quiz or trial around the Welsh language would be really good, too.


I think: do a couple of Ssiw challenges then off to Llanfiar PG for a day and see how many times they can say it correctly (I can’t yet!) :rofl:


Many thanks for the responses, people! There’ll will be an interview with the man who’s been working as the Welsh consultant for the show on Radio Cymru tomorrow morning, some time after 7. And there might be a short contribution from someone cheekily trying to stuff the SSiW name into the proceedings… :slight_smile:


Good to hear you with your Welsh speaking rocket boots on Post Cyntaf this morning @beca-brown :rofl: :rocket: :woman_cartwheeling:

Dylan was absolutely ‘No contest’! :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:


Haha! Thanks Rich! Always willing to get up early to promote the SSIW brand - and make Dylan Jones stop talking for a bit…! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes a great interview, so nice to hear you being as positive and professional as ever. You could tell that poor Dylan loved it really, and felt so comfortable leaving you to it. Ooh and a great plug for this forum as well, if I heard you correctly :smiley:


Dylan is great to be fair. I’m sure he gets the odd motormouth on so he can drink his tea while it’s still hot! Yes, I plugged this lovely forum!