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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


my family and cousins speak welsh


It is my heritage and I would to be able to meet ‘my people’ and be able to speak ‘our’ language. Language is important and it is a step of respect to all those that came before me - plus I love the sound of the language…


I hope that it doesn’t sound rude to say that dwi ddim yn siŵr. Im Irish, learning Irish as an adult was amazing, i now teach Gaeilge. I thought that it was time i tried another language. For one Wales is close. Its also a very beautiful language. And iv always found the Welsh people to be very friendly. Still its a big undertaking to commit to learning a language. But im really enjoying the experience. I have never been to Wales. But i hope to visit as soon as I can get the cyfle .


I want to learn Welsh because I grew up in Cardiff, was a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Wales, studied at the Welsh College of Music and Drama and felt that I “couldn’t” speak Welsh, moved to Germany, learned German, married a Japanese and felt bad that I could speak more Japanese than Welsh (not much!!). Learning Welsh connects me in a positive way to my personal history.


It’s the language of Wales.

I hope that when I can travel to North Wales, people will not have to switch to using English with me.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because…I live in Wales and want to be able to have conversations with Welsh speakers.


I want to speak Welsh so when we’re walking in North Wales I can speak Welsh in pubs.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because it will make me very proud of myself!! I was terrible at languages in school. I don’t have any particular reason, I like the Welsh accent and I love the areas I have visited.

I was going to learn something through the Open University but while searching for courses I came across SSiW and have found I am enjoying it more than I expected. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I set myself this task in retirement in order to
understand programmes on S4C and Radio Cymru. Now I’m living in Wales once again, I hope it will enrich my experience.


I also hope that I will be able to surprise an old friend - who lives locally and who is a native Welsh speaker - by starting conversation in Welsh with him.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I was born in Wales but moved to England as a young child. I have always thought of myself as Welsh, (Mum’s family are Welsh speaking),but felt a bit of a fraud as I couldn’t speak it. Really looking forward to be able to attempt to speak Welsh with my cousin :crossed_fingers: some day. Would also like to be able to pass on some to my daughter.


Because I want to encurage more people to learn welsh so my language survives.


I would like to speak to my relatives in Ceredigion in Welsh . My parent spoke Welsh but as we lived in London they didn’t think it was important to teach it to me and I’ve always wanted to learn.


To keep the language alive, it is precious, and to see my nephews surprise reaction when I reply to them in their native language.


I want to understand Welsh culture and people better


I want to be a Welsh speaker because growing up in South Wales it was never pushed on me to speak and that’s just wrong, it’s a stunning language and I’m proud of being Welsh, but not being able to speak it, well is just tragic.
I have also been stuck in Hong Kong for over 1.5 years and missing Wales so much has spurred me on to learn Cymraeg.
One thing it would change - many things I hope, just need to get back so I can try it out :rofl:


I want to play an active part in my local community and not just with the English speakers. My aim is to be good enough to read in church when needed and not just in English. To understand the culture properly it is necessary to learn the language. Listening to others taking the same journey and being encouraged by tutors like Nia has been of great benefit.


My grandsons live across the Conwy valley from us, are being raised bilingual, and I want, no, need!, to be able to chat with them in our native, very beautiful, language.


I want to be able to listen to Radio Cymru and understand what they are talking about.
and then…I want to go into a Cymru pub and talk to people in Welsh


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I have an eighteen month old Granddaughter who is learning to talk. Her first language will be Welsh. Her mother is Welsh, and my son is a Scot, so he has been learning Welsh for a while…but his language is improving daily as he learns with his daughter! I am finding it very frustrating that Having seen very little of them in person, due to lockdown, talking on WhatsApp is so hard when we are speaking different languages. I am absolutely determined to learn to speak Welsh with her.