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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I want to be a Welsh speaker because …my daughter is bilingual and i want to be able to communicate with her in both languages.

I want to feel closer to my culture and country !


I want to be a Welsh speaker because we moved to Wales in April of this year. I don’t really have any friends here yet and sometimes don’t feel like I belong. I think learning the language will make me feel more part of the community. It’s challenging but gives a great sense of satisfaction when something sticks!!!


I want to be a Welsh speaker because it is a wonderful language and it would be a great achievement to be able to converse in Welsh.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because it’s the beautiful language of my ancestors, and I want it to endure.

One day I’d like to be able to chat with a native Welsh speaker without being self-conscious.


I want to be a Welsh speaker to learn Welsh with my kids who attend Welsh medium school. I want to be able to support their learning, chat to them and help them read.


I want to be a Welsh speaker so I can join in in my community and not miss out on opportunities


Having made Cymru my home I want to be confident enough to at least try to speak the language!


I was born in North Wales but live in Australia .
My dream is tho visit my home town and confidently be able to have some conversations in Welsh .


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I live in Wales.

Speaking Welsh will make me feel as though I belong here and am keeping alive a wonderful language for future generations.


I was brought up in Wales but wasn’t able to learn Welsh at school. I still go there often and would like to be able to speak the language.


This question is hard for me to answer! I’m an American who finds herself oddly drawn to Celtic languages. My love started with Scottish Gaelic a few years ago and now includes Welsh. Beautiful languages with interesting histories!


I want to feel part of the Welsh speaking community. Having been born , brought up and lived all my life in Wales I felt excluded from the culture and heritage of the Welsh language. I want to be enriched


… because I want to feel like part of the community, engaging with other Welsh speakers.


That is beautiful. Your Mum must have been really proud of you


Watching an actress I thought was English speaking Welsh in Hidden (Craith) I thought I want to speak like that 20 google minutes later I was booked on a course which I started in Sept. 2020 and I have fallen in love with the language/culture :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I want to be a Welsh speaker because when we go to Wales I want to be able to understand Welsh and converse with Welsh speakers.

We lived in Wales twice, once in North Wales, and once in the South where I took a Welsh course for a year. I want to really get to know this beautiful language!


I understand a lot of Welsh but have never had the courage to actually speak it.


Dw i’n moyn helpu fy wyres i siarad yr hen iaith a siarad Cymraeg gyda fy nghwraig.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want to honour the grandfather I never met who used to deliver his sermons in Welsh. And when I am a Welsh speaker, I hope to be able to understand the rugby commentaries on S4C.


I want to feel part of my new community in North Wales and also support my children who recently started at Welsh medium school and go to the Welsh unit next week (very exciting)