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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I want to be a Welsh speaker because in 6 months time it will be my wedding anniversary and I want honour the memory of my husband’s Welsh father (who spoke no English until he was 10 years old) by saying something in Welsh.


… I want to be able to speak my own language, I feel guilty that I can’t! My welsh ancestry goes back generations but there are no welsh speakers that I know of. I moved away from Wales 28 years ago and still have a deep seated home sickness and plan to retire back home as soon as poss, running across the bridge shouting ‘I’M HOMMMMEEE’ yn cymraeg at the top of my voice :joy:


Aww Rachel, this is so touching. I cant wait for your plan to be actioned. :blush:


Thanks Ali :smiley: It’s a ‘big’ dream which starts nawr, I can visualise the bridge :rofl:


I want to be a Welsh speaker because Wales is my home country and I hope I will meet with a Welsh speaker from Argentina.


I want to become a Welsh speaker because I want to prove to myself it is possible at the age of 66 to learn a completely impossible sounding language and have fun doing it. A few weeks ago I met someone from Wales and I told him someting in Welsh. It felt as if we were friends immediately.


I want to be a welsh speaker because moving back to beautiful Wales after 16 years away has inspired me! Can’t wait to start chatting to friends and colleagues in Welsh…


Even when I couldn’t speak Welsh, I recognised the bond between those that did speak the language. Fills my heart with pride. :heart:


I have wanted to learn Welsh since my first ever visit with my parents when I was 11 years old and I bought myself two teach yourself books. Although I don’t have a drop of Welsh blood in me (a DNA test disappointingly proved that!), I have such a strong affinity with this beautiful country and some of my closest friends are first language Welsh speakers. Now, forty years after my first attempts, your incredible course is finally helping me to do what I thought I’d never manage. We now plan to move to Anglesey, where I will start my new Welsh-speaking life in a place that I’ve loved all my life :heart:


Yes, it’s a shame when families don’t pass on their Welsh speaking skills. My Nana speaks Welsh but never taught it to my dad or uncles and she never speaks it with us! I too would like to improve my job prospects having moved back home a few years ago and would like to be able to help my children speak Welsh so they can choose to live and work here when they’re older. Good luck.


I want to be a welsh speaker because then I will feel I am properly welsh!


Hi! I’m Russian, and I was fascinated with Cymraeg since childhood. I don’t know why, and I actually don’t care, I just love how it looks and sounds, and to me that Welsh is alive and thriving is a light of hope that not all is lost to cultural globalisation.
This month I decided to stop searching for reasons, for whether I should or should not invest my time in learning Cymraeg, and just do it because I want.


Good decision @alexander-d!

Whereabouts in the world are you currently - still in Russia?

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi @rich!
I’m just a beginner, basically I’ve learned my A-B-C-D-DD’s and pronunciation rules. :slight_smile:
Yes, I’m in northern Russia. It’s snowing here right now :slight_smile:


Wow!..I wonder if we have any other Russian learners or whether you are the first?!

Are you working through the challenges yourself or doing one of the structured courses with tasks and assistance?

Congratulations either way!

Rich :slight_smile:


Certainly there are other people on Russian social media, but there are few and of course no active community. That’s partly why I’m here, I’ve heard that here one can really practice Cymraeg. I’m glad it’s vibrant here :wink:

I have downloaded two coursebooks. One in English, called Complete Welsh or something like that, and there’s also only Russian book on Welsh grammar. I use it as a crash course for grammar. Then I heard about this site so I’m gonna look what does it have to offer :slight_smile:


I want to be able to read welsh poetry, particularly RS Thomas’ “A peasant”, as it was originally written.


Wow your English is very good…

The Say Something In Welsh courses teach you to speak Welsh by getting you to speak it - how crazy is that :crazy_face:

So you learn it like you learned your fist language - initially surprising but it works.

Rich :slight_smile:


Hello Alexander from someone who still hasn’t found a serious practical reason to learn Welsh, but is still here after 10 months, and enjoying it a lot! :smiley:

By the way this forum is very supportive so if you ever have doubts or questions, this is the right place to find help! (and of course this is meant also for @yogi-b, @kate-murphy-1, @jackie-2 and @gemma-baron who seem to have just started learning.).

p.s. @alexander-d Since I guess in Russia you don’t often hear people speaking Welsh (like here in Italy), I’m a bit curious if you don’t mind: how did you first found out this language existed?


@rich, thanks, I’m glad my English sounds good :slight_smile: I work as a translator in a fishing company, so that’s what I have to do!

Hey @gisella-albertini! Thank you for the support :slight_smile:

Of course I don’t mind :slight_smile: It all started in elementary school, where during one of the english lessons we were told that there’s a place in Wales called “Llanfairpwyll…” you know the rest :smiley:

I got immideately intrigued, but back then I didn’t have the Internet so couldn’t learn, and later I started learning French so I kind of forgot about Welsh. Now I remembered about it! I love small but beautiful languages, and I love it when people cherish their language.