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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


This is so lovely. I wish you all the very best. :blush:


I want to become a Welsh speaker because it’ll make living in North Ceredigion easier and better! I hope that once I become a Welsh speaker, I’ll be able to actually continue a conversation that a Welsh speaker starts in Welsh…in Welsh!


I want to be a Welsh speaker because cymru is home, and I feel I will understand it more through it’s own language. Livining in Scotland, it also ties me more to home!


My dad has Parkinsons and although he no longer remembers his Welsh he gave me the biggest smile when I told him I’ve started learning. I’m sad that I can’t speak his first language with him but proud to make him proud and to demonstrate to his grandchildren that the Welsh language exists and must be saved.


I left Cardiff when I was 18 and the longer I have stayed away the more I feel distant from my cultural heritage and I’m planning on moving back soon and thought it was a good opportunity to re-connect


Me too! Also being able to feel part of the Eisteddfod, rather than just an onlooker.


Just finishing my homework if Aran’s watching…

One reason I want to be a Welsh speaker is because my dad is an English-speaking Welshman and I’d like to be a Welsh-speaking Englishwoman.

One hope for when I can speak Welsh is that I can show my love of Wales and respect for its people by talking in their own beautiful language when I visit. (Oh, I do like to be beside the Welsh seaside.) :sun_with_face:


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I have come to live in Wales with my Welsh husband and I want to immerse myself in Welsh culture in every way I can. What I hope for – to explore this place and come to love it as much as the one I left behind.


You’re lucky to live so close that you can visit and speak Welsh in Wales. I too grew up in North Wales and am in my sixties. I started speaking Welsh naturally but that was shut down. It is a great sadness to me that I did not relate to the community around me and to my father in his native tongue. I am enjoying reclaiming my heritage.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I have moved to Wales and want to respect the country, its language and its people. I want to have conversations with Welsh neighbours and friends in their language.


As well as what I wrote on 27 April about why I want to be a Welsh speaker, what I fancy happening on becoming one… Well, I would encourage others a) to learn Welsh using this method and b) I would promote other languages as they become available to people using this method. (I know how long it normally takes and as 99% give up / only have a smattering of lists of vocab and stock phrases at the end of their courses, this is a far safer bet!) Pls I shall visit and speak to very old family friends in their first language, finally!


I am Welsh born and bred, and want to be able to speak my native language.


I want to be a Welsh speaker to take back what is rightfully mine and speak my family’s and my nation’s language.


I want to be a welsh speaker so I can get a job in Wales. And I hope that will happen when i am a welsh speaker.


I moved to North Wales 13 years ago and started evening classes straight away as i was keen to learn Welsh. After 2 years of evening classes i realised i still couldnt speak to anyone as i had covered very little material (and what i covered wasn’t remotely useful in conversation) so a bit defeated i stopped at the end of the course. Fast forward to 3 years ago when i met my partner. Although he doesnt use Welsh often now he went to Welsh primary and secondary so was fluent. This rekindled my interest in learning welsh so when I saw the SSiW adverts on Facebook (and procrastinated for several months) i joined the 6minute course.

I’m really enjoying learning and constructing my own sentences with the building blocks provided, i can’t believe how much has been covered already and how relevant it is. I’m trying a few sentences out at home but so far have only spoke welsh to my partner (although i have braved joining slack today). I work in healthcare and hope one day i may hopefully be able to speak a little with my patients.


I’ve learnt a few languaged for the sake of holidays and decided if I can do that I should be able to dysgu Cymraeg if I put my mind to it. I’d love to learn the language my father was deprived of in his formative years. I’ve never lived in Wales but have been there frequently as I have roots there and I would feel very much at home if I could converse in the language even at a basic level.


we have moved to Wales and I want to learn about the culture in its original language, not a translation.


I want to be a bi-lingual role model for the children in my family and re-establish the welsh language as this has been missing for us since my great-grandmother passed away in the 1970’s. It’ll be great to be able to “hold my own” in my Welsh speaking community and be confident enough to respond in Welsh when I’m spoken to in Welsh.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because its my home language!

I’m m educated up to A level Welsh however I left school a loooong time ago and I’ve barely used it since.

I’ve recently got a job working alongside the Welsh government and local authorities dealing with members of the public from all over Wales so it’s important to me that I am able to cater for both English and Welsh language preferences.

I’m looking forward to picking up more vocabulary and developing my Welsh skills by using this site!



That’s one of my reasons too Amy. We moved here 3 years ago and our daughter started in year 5 at the local primary school. She’s fluent now and just got an award at secondary school for the highest achievement in the Welsh Language this academic year…
My poor old brain is just about coping 8 weeks into the course :crazy_face: but I will be more than happy just to be able to talk to her in Welsh.