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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I want to learn Welsh because that’s the language my ancestors spoke. Also I want to be able to read (and understand!) the letters I’ve inherited that were written to family members who moved to the US in mid 19th c.
I appreciate and enjoy reading posts on this forum.
Diolch yn fawr.


…it’s such a beautiful language and a wonderful way to get to know people :blush:


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want to broaden opportunities in my community, through understanding and building relationships with others.

And… I hope that I will be able to support my son as he starts welsh-medium education in 2020, and not feel left out when he speaks to his friends! :slight_smile:


Because Ive lived in Wales most of my life!


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I loved living in Wales, and I’d love to go back someday, and in the meantime, I want to feel the connection to Wales that comes from learning the language.

Also, it’s kind of cool to be learning the UK’s only official language :wink:


I want to be a Welsh speaker because

  1. Because Wales is home. :heart: I have lived in Wales since 1985 - 34 years now! That’s far longer than I have ever lived anywhere else. I love everything about it. I signed up for the Wlpan course some years ago, but I let other things take priority and dropped out - this is something I hugely regret. I should have prioritised it and stuck with it - and now I intend to do just that.
  2. I feel like I am missing out - I think the language unlocks a whole other side to Wales and its people, which cannot be fully accessed through the medium of English.
  3. I want to feel more immersed in the culture - especially the music and the poetry. And there’s some great drama on S4C!
  4. I want to use Welsh, both at work (I work for the NHS) and in my everyday life.
  5. Two of my grown-up “children” live and work in Wales - and if/when grandchildren come along, I want to be able to speak Welsh with them, and encourage them to use the language and take pride in it. ( Meanwhile, I’m practising on my dog! :rofl: )


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I live in Wales and this way I can communicate better with my family (in law) who are all native Welsh speakers (I’m Dutch).
One thing I hope will happen when I speak Welsh is that my wife says to me: ‘Da iawn, dwi’n falch o ti.’

One side comment. I received the same task in week 10 and week 16 of my course. As a result I have posted this twice.


My husband is a first language welsh speaker and I want our children to grow up learning both Welsh and English and feel comfortable speaking both languages at home.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I’ve come to realise the importance of speaking Welsh in relation to our national heritage.

It’s something I hated learning at school and saw as little to no value as I went through my 20’s but as I get older I realise that it’s important to not let the language die and how it’s huge part of Welsh culture that’s to be celebrated.


Hi Ieane, my daughter is also 7 and nearly fluent already. She’s in Welsh medium school and it’s so amazing that she gets to grow up bilingual but there is now a challenge on us isn’t there! Our youngest is now in Derbyn so they will soon be scheming if we don’t know what they are saying :laughing: but that said, I’m loving learning the language, and the way my daughter’s face lights up when I try out my Welsh with her makes it all so worthwhile. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I want to be a Welsh speaker because

  • I want to be able to chat with my kids in Welsh, with their teachers and with other parents at our Welsh-medium school.
  • The look on my daughter’s face, and on my friend’s face when I am talking about or in Welsh
  • It’s a beautiful language
  • We have Welsh heritage several generations ago on my mother’s side, and her mother used to hear her own grandmother sing in Welsh, so she’s very excited that we’ve come full circle
  • mostly because I love it!


I want to be a welsh speaker because welsh is a beautiful language and it is necessary in order to be part of our local community and for future employment prospects. It frustrates me enormously that I can’t speak welsh when attending meetings, thus separating me from others. I love the welsh and everything about north wales.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because…I want to be able to speak my native language just for the sake of it, because I think it is beautiful and I want to support the efforts to create many more Welsh speakers in Wales. It will hopefully mean that I can join in conversations with friends and colleagues at Trad Folk festivals, particularly the Lorient festival in Brittany.


I want to speak welsh because I have lived in Wales for 45 years and I now have a baby grandson who’s first language will be Welsh. I want to be able to speak to him in Welsh and it will help bond our two families :two_hearts:


I want to be able to speak Welsh so that when my two children go to Welsh medium school they won’t be able to talk about me in their own secret code. I hope that I’ll be able to experience Welsh culture with them as they grow up


Because I love languages. I’m not from Wales but moved here and want to respect and be a part of the culture. My husband is from Wales and has always thought that he couldn’t learn Welsh. However because I’m learning he’s now trying and we’re practicing together. My hope is that this continues!


It will allow me to communicate with my daughter as she progresses her Welsh at school and enable me to help her become excited about it.


I’d like to be able to answer Yes to the follow up question I always get when proudly describing myself as Welsh, “do you speak the language?” . I’ve always felt a little less Welsh when I’ve had to admit I don’t.
After recently marrying, my husband moved down from Scotland to live with me in North Wales and has wanted to learn the language to feel more a part of the place and so we are learning together (he’s ahead of me now though which is slightly annoying)


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I am proud of my heritage. I hope to be able to chat with my Welsh speaking friends and customers.


To re-learn a language lost to me a long time ago!