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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I want to be able to talk with my clients and my work colleagues in the language they are comfortable speaking in


I want to speak Welsh because I find it a beautiful language! Despite never having been to Wales, I can do my part in preserving endangered languages. I originally wanted to learn because I find it really interesting, and because I think what Wales has done to bring it back is really inspiring (Llanfair PG’s ploy worked on me!). Once I speak it, I hope for someone Welsh to come into the shop I work at so I can surprise them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I want to be a Welsh speaker because it is a challenge for my 65 year old brain and because I love visiting Wales.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I love Wales, my mum’s family is Welsh, I would like to be able to talk to people in Welsh when I am in Wales, and I would like to do something that for years has seemed like a huge challenge!


Dwyn moyn siarad cyraeg acos…
Some of my family are welsh speakers and i wish to recapture a side of my adopted culture (from age 4) that i couldnt do from that age due to my geographical position.


My son and fiancé speak Welsh to each other all the time. They are getting married next year - a welsh language wedding. I want to be able to communicate a little with the many welsh speaking guests, in Welsh.
Also I understand that learning a learning a language helps keep dementia at bay! Seriously.

I have tried to learn welsh in the past. My children went to welsh school, but have always assumed it is beyond me. Not this time


I’ve lived in England for the past 40 years and feel as homesick now as I did at the beginning. Doing this course has made me feel as though I’ve got a bit of Wales in my life again.


…because I love the language and want to have some connection to my peoples.


…because, after talking to my Catalan sister in law about minority cultures (she’s from Barcelona so you get it), I realised I will never know Welsh people properly without learning their language - and all the Welsh people I know are fantastic - and it’s opened my world to so much more.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I live and work in Wales and would like to join in the conversations in Welsh at work


@robin-mcgregor that is so true! Getting to know someone’s language is such an important part of getting to know their world.


Because Welsh is a beautiful language of a beautiful country… I’m looking forward to being able to order food and drink in Welsh upon my next visit to Wales! :wink:


Because I’ve always wanted to be fluent in a second language, and now I live in Wales, it makes sense for it to be Welsh. Because my children are fluent in Welsh and otherwise they’ll be able to talk about me, in front of me, without me knowing… :rofl: Because I have to teach Welsh as part of my job, and the better I can speak it, the better I can teach it. And anyway, it’s fun.


Say Something in Welsh popped up on my Facebook page, inspired me to sign up and I’ve been hooked ever since. Until that point, I hadn’t intended to learn Welsh. Thank goodness for marketing! Now I want to be a Welsh speaker as I have many friends and colleagues who speak Welsh - I want to be able to speak with them in their first language.


I love living in Wales and need to speak the language of the country I am living in.
Also I started learning at the same time as my wife and she has made so much better progress than me. I am really disappointed at my progress but now I am studying with Ssiw I already feel a massive improvement with my speaking skills.
diolch yn fawr am ddarllen


I was born in Caerdydd and lived in Wales until I was five and half. My welsh-speaking grandparents spoke to me in Welsh. Then my parents moved to the Midlands for work reasons and no one spoke to me in Welsh any more, not even when I stayed during the school holidays with my grandparents. I’ve come back to live in Wales now and I am determined to make up for the loss of my Welsh. It isn’t all gone - my family were big singers when together and I can sing lots of Welsh songs in Welsh. I’m glad to say that now I know what some of them mean!


Yes - this definitely strikes a chord! Wales is beautiful - I have always thought that. Learning Welsh has unlocked a cultural heritage that amplifies that beauty, at least for me!


I want to be a welsh speaker so I can speak with my dad’s side of the family in there first language. And to make sure that the welsh language continues.


I want to be a Welsh speaker so that I can speak to my partner and his family. Also, so I can join in on conversations on nights out to Weatherspoons!


I am Welsh and even though I now live in England I’d love to ‘siarad Cymraeg’ when I go home to see my mum and sister (neither of whom siarad Cymraeg either).

I hope I can speak with my old Textiles teacher and her husband in Welsh next time I visit them.