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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I find the language beautiful and poetic and I am amazed that it has been on my own doorstep for all these years. The hoped for outcome is that I will be able to unlock a whole new world of art, culture, music and friendship through the medium of Welsh.


I have no Welsh family connections. I learned to “read Welsh in primary school in Manchester, thanks to a North Walian Headteacher. This sparked my interest. 4 years at Swansea University reinforced my curiosity and I took a special interest in learning signs around the place. I started to listen to Welsh language broadcasts, without understanding anything but I just liked the sounds of the language. Years later, a couple of trips to Anglesey brought me face to face with spoken Welsh and this led me to purchase Heine Gruffyd’s Live Welsh. As a French and Italian speaker I knew that a book centred approach would’nt really work for me. Last year I tried Duolingo but got bored with the slow rate of progress and I have no interest in learning to write. In December I stumbled across SSIW and was immediately hooked. So why are you learning Welsh ? My son asked. Because, it’s there, almost on my doorstep. Because it’s sounds great. Because It allows me to get more from programmes like Hinterland. Because I’ve been interested for a long time; because I like Welsh songs and choirs; because I recognise the importance of maintaining and developing minority languages ; because I enjoy learning languages and at 73 I am convinced it’s good for me. So… achos dwi’n caru yr Iaith a hoffen i mindi i Gymru i ymafer siarad Cymraeg.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I am Welsh, and eventually want to move back to Wales at some point and be able to speak it.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want to play my small part in keeping the language alive - diversity is a wonderful thing! And I want to do it out of respect to my Welsh friends and colleagues.


I am Welsh


I want to be a Welsh speaker because it will will help connect me to me Welsh ancestors.

One thing I hope will happen after I become a Welsh speaker is that I will go to Wales and have a conversation with a native speaker.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because Wales has been my adopted home for several years now and I love living in Wales and it has been my dream for a while now to have a conversation with my Welsh family & friends in Welsh.


I know what you mean! I’ve been in Wales for a long time now, and so many of my closest friends are first language Welsh speakers, I feel it’s important to be able to engage with them in their preferred language.


It is absurd that I cannot fluently speak the language of my late father, a member of the Gorsedd and something of a name in Welsh literary circles. This is what happens if you’re a Londoner albeit one made entirely of Welsh stuff. Although I can speak a certain amount of Welsh my vocabulary is inadequate and needs a big improvement. When this happens I’ll feel a bit more fulfilled.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because it is my own language, yet I can only use this foreign one (English) at the moment. I look forward to reclaiming a major part of my heritage and culture.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because it will give me confidence and I want to be part of the million Welsh speakers project, and I will learn useful skills like how to master SoundCloud along the way,


Why: I want to be able to speak the language of my home country.
What: To be able to have conversations with my grandad in Welsh.


after more than 40years of living away I am beginning to realise that I’m probably not going back on a permanent basis, so learning the language, after many false starts, is my way of preserving my identity as Welsh.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because my Dad was Welsh and, although I was born and brought up in England, I feel more Welsh than English - I also want to surprise my Welsh cousins when I visit.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because my mum’s family are from South Wales and were Welsh speakers


if I moved to Spain, I would learn Spanish. I moved to Wales, so I want to learn Welsh.


I have had a fascination with the Welsh language since I was a student in Cardiff living with Welsh speakers - I have now moved to North Wales, so a wonderful opportunity to make speaking Welsh a reality…


I have always believed that if you live in a country, you should make the effort to speak the language.


This is one of my reasons too!


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I’ve always wanted to learn a second language and Welsh is beautiful.