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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I come from Llanfairfechan but have forgotten most of the welsh I learned as a child. I now work for a welsh speaking company and deal with first language welsh speakers on a daily basis so want to speak in welsh with them


Hi, I’m new here!

I suspect that deep down the reason I’d like to learn is for complicated reasons to do with identity and feelings of belonging. I was born in Wales and grew up there, but I don’t sound Welsh and haven’t lived there since I was 18. So I think ‘for a deeper feeling of Welshness’ is probably one reason.

And also because it sounds so beautiful, and since starting, this experience has reminded me how much I enjoy learning languages.

And finally, because I love to sing, and I’d love to have the courage one day to sing a Welsh song in public (at a folk night maybe). #postlockdowngoals


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I live in a Welsh speaking area and have a lot of Welsh speaking friends to whom I would love to be able to converse fluently. My goal will be when this has been accomplished - Therese


Hi Sarah, I am the same, leaving Wales at 18, and loving to sing! Although I still have my accent. Where do you live now?


I want to be a Welsh speaker because my farther was born here in South Wales and Welsh was his first language until he was 12. Unfortunately he moved away and lost the gift and cant help much in my learning but…. after completing SSIW #day5, I called him up and said my first sentence in Welsh to him this morning.

Quite emotional……I have to continue.


Hi Emma, I live in Surrey at the moment. How about you?


I’m in Sheffield now, born in Merthyr. Let me know if you want a chat in Welsh!


Because my son is in welsh school and I want to be able to talk to him and help him with his native language and be proud to be welsh like me.


Shw mae Sarah. I am on challenge 6 and enjoying learning. I love singing in Welsh as do my grown up children (all born in England). Amongst some beautiful songs, one of my favourites is “Ydy Yma O Hyd” by Dafydd Iwan. The translation is meaningful and the chorus is really easy to learn - compulsory if, like my family, you are Scarlets supporters.:rugby_football:


Sarah thats my sloppy Welsh slipping out - the song is called Yma O Hyd (and its “ry ni yma o hyd” not ydy yma :slight_smile:


I was born in Newport. Great idea - I’m up for trying to chat in Welsh sometime. I’m only on challenge 3 at the moment though! :smile:


Shwmae Jonesz! And thanks! I’ve just listened to Yma O Hyd - very rousing! Had tingles on the back of my neck listening to that.

I know some of Calon Lan, but that’s about it. Would definitely like to learn more songs to sing in Welsh. ‘Ar Lan y Mor’, for example, I think I’ll try to learn.


Canu wych chwarae teg.


Hi @emma-ireland

@Jane who comes to the Yorkshire meeting in Leeds (in normal circumstances) lives in Sheffield - and I think Eileen (ditto) used to as well.

We have switched to doing the Yorkshire meeting online (noon on Saturdays) during the lock down for when you feel ready to listen or join in!

Rich :slight_smile:


Ah that’s brilliant, thanks for letting me know! Id love to come to the Yorkshire meet up on zoom, I don’t think I’m ready yet, but I’ll ask for details when I’ve done a few more weeks :grinning:


Because my mother and father were stopped speaking Welsh as children and this is me fighting back. Griff jeff Jenkins


My partner is welsh. I love the language and would like to one day go to back wales and talk with her and her family without them having to speak english when I’m in the room :wink:


I want to be a welsh speaker because it is my husbands first language and we are raising our son as a welsh speaker.
When I am able a welsh speaker I hope to be able to have a conversation with our welsh speaking friends about our children.


I know that living in a bilingual country is a blessing and I am not fully taking advantage of this wonderful part of being Welsh unless I can feel comfortable in both languages. I feel I am missing out on something very special.


I want to connect and identify with my cultural roots and heritage