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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I want to be a welsh speaker because I love the language - I’ve grown up in wales and have had opportunities to work in areas where welsh was predominantly spoken - at this time I was taking welsh classes. Unfortunately as I started working closer to the English border I found myself not being able to practice with people which in turn stopped me from having the motivation to learn. Since having my little boy, I am determined to learn welsh so that when he goes to a welsh primary school, I’ll be able to converse and help him!


I’m an American of German, English, and French descent, with no Welsh ancestors that I know of. However, I was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, near the magical Wyoming Valley of the Wisconsin River. That’s where immigrant Welsh miners settled in the mid-19th century, around Mineral Point, Wisconsin. For those unfamiliar with that part of the U.S., it’s a hilly, wooded area that was missed by the glacier that flattened much of the upper Midwest U.S. The most famous son of the valley is the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who had his studio, Taliesin, there.

I’ve always been fascinated by the culture and language but never had a chance to learn to speak Welsh until the advent of online courses such as Say Something. I want to be a Welsh speaker to understand the culture and literature of Wales, to be able to talk to people when I visit, and to help keep an ancient and beautiful language alive.


Its my language, that I never got the chance to learn.

I want to be able to communicate with the Welsh speakers I met whilst delivering around N. Wales
I’m now confident enough to ask questions in welsh if I can.
And my efforts are greatly appreciated.
My regular customers speak to me in Welsh and if I don’t understand they will help.
Its great to be confident enough to get things wrong and laugh about it.
People have been so supportive


I promised to myself I would after I found out that my grandmother who I never met was a native speaker.


I want to be able to speak with my granddaughters in Welsh. The first is due to start Welsh school next September.


No connections to Wales in any way. Never been there and live in Sweden. Came across welsh for the first time when playing Dungeons and dragons as many places names, lakes etc on maps were in welsh. Didn’t know how they were pronounced but the spelling itself looked very interesting. Also interested in welsh/celtic mytholgy. And of course when I heard it spoken for the first time… wow!


…because I’d like to speak with my welsh-speaking family and friends.


… I always promised myself that I would if I ever came to live in Wales - and here I am!


I’ve not been a good student because I haven’t been spending any time on here and haven’t posted anything that i should have. Bad, I know. There are a couple of reasons why I’ve wanted to learn to speak Welsh. The first Is that we would like to spend a lot of our retirement in Newport Pembs, one of our happy places. That means joining the golf club and hopefully making friends, etc. I’ve listened to the locals speaking Welsh for years now and would love to join in. It’s polite, too, to make an effort. I’ve got a degree in French and German and love being able to speak these languages when I can. It’s my thing, I suppose. I’d also love to be able to teach my future grandchildren what I’ve learned too. If they live in Wales, they will be learning Welsh in school anyway, so I can give them a head start. I’m so surprised by the way I have Welsh going round and round in my head all day now. I’m automatically searching to see if I can say what I’m thinking in Welsh. My very English husband is learning to live with it…


I want to speak Welsh with my neighbours and in church. :smile:


I have lived in Wales for over 40 years and it is about time I learned to speak the national language.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want to fully embrace my Welsh identity and this is the one piece missing. I have lived in North Wales for fifteen years (having moved from the south) and want to be able to converse with people in their preferred language! This is especially important for me now as I begin my training as a mental health nurse - I want my patients to feel completely at ease with me. This is the change I hope to see, to be comfortable to talk with anyone rather than floundering with the fragments of Welsh I already knew.


I’ve always been here n love with Wales though have only visited once (I was 4) - the language and history and landscape all intrigue me and I am eager to visit (Covid canceled my plans!). I am also thrilled at the idea of helping to keep this language going - so ancient and so rich with history. This is actually the third or fourth time I’ve tried to learn with various systems, and this time it finally feels like it’s going to work. What I hope will change is that someday (soon?) I’ll be singing the lovely old Welsh tunes with proper words.


I am proud of my country and heritage .When i learn welsh i feel as if have achieved, contributed something amazing to myself and country .Help keep the welsh language alive .


Shwmae! I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want to be part of ensuring the Welsh language stays alive, to be able to enjoy using the language and to open the door to more creative possibilities.


I have enjoyed learning and using other languages but I cannot speak the language of my country. I have tried to learn on numerous occasions and I am delighted to say that the SSi method makes me feel like I’m finally getting somewhere.


I’m a Canadian of German and Russian/Polish descent. I don’t have any ties to Wales or any Welsh ancestors (that I know of!) But I find the language and culture fascinating. I have always wanted to learn a 3rd language (I speak French) but lacked the discipline or motivation. I honestly would not be here right now if it weren’t for Covid-19! Identifying a goal and sticking to it has been very good for me. I hope to visit Northern Wales in 2022 and do some WWOOFing. The push to keep Welsh alive despite the widespread use of English reminds me of the Quebec’s government’s efforts to keep French from dying in Canada. I think a language as beautiful as Welsh should be kept alive. Hope to see you in 2022!


I want to speak Welsh and understand what people say at the football! That’s the simple reason, but I’m born,bred and lived and worked in North Wales all my life, I’m extremely proud of that fact but not proud I’ve never grasped my native tongue ! If I can play a small part in keeping the Welsh language alive, well proud won’t come close to how I feel.

I feel that I know so much more Welsh than I have ever known, I started this due to lock down and having the time, sadly I haven’t been to any football since March to try it out but I do understand mor of Malcolm Allen’s comments on Wales games on social now :grinning:


I am married to a Welshman. I live in Wales. My family all speak welsh .


I want to speak Welsh because my dad is also learning and I want to be able to have proper conversations:)