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I'm having trouble with "I didn't"


This has to be the closest I’ve come to giving up with this course at week 19/20. The emails encouraging you to move on to the next lesson arrive on Monday morning and I’m still trying to sort out what was going on in the lesson the week before! The most annoying niggle is “I didn’t”! It’s driving me mad! There’s “wnes i ddim” and then there’s “do’n i ddim” and for the life of me I can’t work out which one I should be using although the one I do use inevitably seems to be the wrong one. Can somebody put me right on the usage of these two (so) similar phrases.


This causes confusion for a lot of people - there are numerous posts on the forum about it (you can find them with the search function - worth a look as different people have different ways of explaining it, and whilst one may not make it easier to remember, another will).
Having said that, here’s the basic difference -
Wnes i ddim is used for actions that were over and done with. Do’n i ddim is used with ‘state’ verbs where the state was continuing (e.g. thinking, knowing). Gradually you’ll get used to hearing which verbs generally always go with wnes i and which ones generally always go with do’n i, but until then, try not to overthink it, just try to let it absorb - it will do eventually, honest!


Thanks for your response, Siaron. I will have a search when I get chance.
Regards, Peter.


I’ve given up worrying about getting verbs and tenses wrong…as I do often - hoping, like the Gendarme in Allo Allo!, I provide a laugh for the audience. Having gone through Levels 1 - 3 of the new course, Levels 1-2 plus vocab lessons from the old course plus other challenges, my main emotion is delight (and surprise) at what I have learnt, what has subsumed into my brain and what words do come out so naturally that I sometimes am not sure that I have actually said them. Of all the sentences i have desperately struggled with, I don’t think I’ve had one where I cannot find some element that i have got right and can celebrate that piece of learning - even if the main subject of the sentence has left me bewildered.


HI Jon! Ha ha, I don’t think I will attempt to copy his delivery, too risque for this forum!
Yes, I’ve hopped from New Course to Old Corse and back to New Course since starting and as far as the forum or Slack go, I’ve just not got time as a busy retiree, and there is a certain amount of nervousness about using the latter two let alone the torrent of emails that hit my Inbox when I first logged in to Slack. I’m afraid I dumped it, too much messing about! I have a friend who is a Welsh speaker and we manage a little time each week with her listening to my efforts but face masked really don’t help! So it’s crack on regardless really. I’m on the Chaplaincy team at the Royal Welsh Showground so I’m hoping that by the time we get back into the swing of things down there my Welsh will be good enough to try out on the farmers. I’m just waiting for the lesson where Aran runs through the Welsh for sheep, cattle and pig breeds!