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@aran These are the worst sheep jokes I’ve ever seen. :laughing:

I have an absurd amount of funny things saved on Imgur, so let me see…


Good news for animals, bad news for me… I thought with being at home all the time I would foster a dog from the local rescue, but they don’t have any left!


Aeth boi i brynu coeden ‘Dolig. Dyma’r hogyn tu ôl y cownter yn gofyn ‘ti’n mynd i roi honno ‘fyny dy hun?’ Nacydw, yn y stafell fyw

Sori, it’s been a strange day.
Nos da


Working in TV as I do, there are often strange requests for props so when I see something cheap and unusual sometimes I buy it just in case it’s useful… my house is full of weird stuff (as regulars to my Show & Tell hangout can attest to! :wink: )

Little did I realise, though, just how useful a Halloween purchase a couple of years ago would be now. It stops the germs spreading and stops me touching my face. Now if I could only actually breathe through the damned thing…


Despite appearances, I’m not actually into tweeting…


Hi Siaron! I don’t suppose you’ve got a barrister’s wig by any chance, please? Or would be happy to loan your bird hat?! We’re in need of one for the panto (coming to your screens yn Gymraeg soon!)


I don’t have a barristers wig unfortunately - many others, but not a barrister’s!.
You’re welcome to borrow the hat but I should point out that the hat is actually green - the house lighting affected the colour of the photo!


Ah, OK, maybe not then, but thanks anyway! :slight_smile:


I’ve just found this blog on how to make one, if that’s any use.


Thanks Siaron - that is helpful! I’m going to have a go a making one :slight_smile:


I was stood in the garden this morning talking to my wife when a seagul flew overhead and kindly crapped all over my shirt. My wife said, I’ll go fetch a tissue. I said don’t bother, it’ll be miles away by now.


Whew! Done it…! There’s a good reason I’m not a hairdresser or a barrister though!!



Excellent job Cetra! Da iawn wir!


One of my most favouritest jokes ever…

Q: Which cheese doesn’t belong to you?
A: Nacho cheese.

Say it out loud in the animated voice of an overly enthusiastic American DJ and it’s even more hilarious… really… go on, try it… you know you want to… :rofl:


Question: Why do divers fall backwards out of a boat?

Answer: Because if they fell forwards they would still be in the boat. :rofl::rofl:



Must be my ‘school girl’ sense of humour, but I love a joke, corny or otherwise. Andami! X

SSi - official statement regarding Covid-19/Coronavirus

Now that the air is cleaner and as the roads become literally quieter, even the constant din from the motorway has lessened, I imagine many of the little birds, around here, will have noticed by now that for all these years they have been shouting. Maybe even the shyer tweeters will have a chance to find a mate…


When one door closes another one opens …

I really need to buy a new wardrobe.


A new kitten here. We’ve had her for two months now and I still don’t have any photos of her looking good :slight_smile: