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I get a calendar every month from Action For Happiness. They’ve started doing it in other languages this time, but sadly not Welsh - any volunteers?! :slight_smile:


I wondered why the softball kept getting bigger and bigger. Then it hit me.


:joy: :heart:



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


What do you call a man in the sea off South Wales?


Got to be Barry :rofl:


It’s like you’ve been there!!
What do you call a man plugged into an amplifier?


How soon can I give in?


Many times!

There is a punnier answer to this, I’m sure, but as someone who hung around with guitarists for a long time, I’m afraid I have to go with the somewhat geeky answer of Rick N. Backer. :sunglasses:


As soon as you like!!
@siaronjames Nice!!

I was thinking more in terms of Mike.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Of course! I knew there had to be a simpler answer!


I am quite simple…:blush:


So you probably know a man with no arms or legs in the sea is called Bob.

But what do you call his son?


Really enjoying your multi-media answer-style.


Thought I ought to provide an illustration for those not so familiar with the brand! :wink:


I have a Cort acoustic and an Ibanez electric. But although I’ve heard of Rickenbacker I’ve never seen one before…


Not a fan of ‘The Jam’ then? :wink:


I’m a fan of very, very few groups or singers, but if I like a piece of music, I like it. I only have a small collection of vinyl and cds. I have liked a couple of “Jam” tracks but I couldn’t tell you their titles…:blush:


For anyone who fancies doing some jolly colouring - from the Pen Llŷn artist Carys Bryn…