Intermediate course


Hi - after seeing your advert on FB for intermediate courses - the ones featuring a half-hour interview, and an annotated script of the dialogue - I signed up, although it’s probably a bit too advanced for me. But where do I find them on your site?
Dave Simmonds


Hi David, welcome to the Forum!
I don’t know how the process of signing up works right now, but I can tell you you can find it here:

There are also a few threads here on the forum where we are sharing our experiences with it (we’re all learning here!), or talk about the topics further.
You can probably find them just browsing the forum, or if you’d like a few links…just ask! :slight_smile:


Gisella has already very helpfully given you the direct link - also, if you click on ‘Learn’ up there, and then click again when it’s taken you to the non-forum part of the site - you’ll get a dropdown list, and if you choose ‘Advanced content’ it’s all in there… :slight_smile:


Diolch, both - I must admit the ‘advanced’ bit intimidates me a bit, but we’ll see how it goes!


Have you done our Levels? If so, you’re definitely ready for the intermediate/advanced content - if not, they’re all available to you now, as an intermediate/advanced subscriber… :slight_smile: