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Is photography a hobby of yours? Fancy chatting about it in Cymraeg?


Calling all photographers:
Being a keen photographer myself, I’m wondering who would fancy taking part in a photography group and hangout say once a fortnight or once a month on WSP?
Would be good to share an image or two and chat (Cymraeg wrth gwrs) about it, how you took it, location techy details etc.
Or maybe a photographer you follow or admire. We could choose a theme for each sgwrs or just go free-style. So, if you enjoy photography as a serious hobby, let me know if you’d be interested and I’ll start a group for us, and arrange our first hangout
Diolch pawb :slightly_smiling_face:


Mae o’n diddorol. Dw I ddim Yn gwybod mod i’n medru siarad am ‘shutter speed’ yn Cymraeg ayyb eto ond dw i’n cael diddordeb Iawn. Dw i’n hapus I drio! Cofion Sandra


I would definitely be interested, depending on the timing of the hangouts. I’ll keep an eye out for further news.


Bydden i diddordeb fel film-maker, ond mae fy ngymraeg yn ddiflas.


Thank you for your interest everyone. I’ve set up a group on WSP so all we need to do now is arrange a suitable day and time to have our first sgwrs. Here is a link to a doodle poll so if you could fill that in we can move forward.


@CarolineJ Would be good to have you pop in for a chat. If you could fill out the doodle poll please? Diolch


Gwych Sandra, there’s a doodle poll running to sort out a day and time if you could fill it out, wouldbe good to have you join :slight_smile:



Here’s the link. Hopefully it works as I’ve not set one up in advance before:
Topic: Clwb Ffotograffiiaeth
Time: Oct 2, 2020 01:00 PM London
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Thanks for arranging this. It was a very enjoyable chat.


Link for photography chat tonight at 6pm. Thanks to Gwylan for letting us use her zoom a/c :slightly_smiling_face:
Topic: Clwb Ffotograffiaeth

Time: Oct 27, 2020 06:00 PM London
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Shwmae Carin, I’ve only just spotted this. I’m a keen photographer and would be interested if you ever got this group up and running.


There is a channel on SLACK WSP grwpffottograffiaeth, we’ve had 2 meets so far and the next one will be at 6pm on the 10th November. I’ll pop in now and see if I can add you to the grwp. Diolch


I can’t make tonights meeting unfortunately, next one will be in a fortnight. I’ll post the link closer to the 24th.
Sorry for any dissapointment.


Sorry folks had tech problems so set up a 40 min zoom instead:


Hi Carin,
I couldn’t make prevoius sessions. It’s been a difficult time. Mae fy nhad wedi maru ym mis Hydref ac oedd ei angladd ganol Tachwedd. Could you keep me posted if you organise another.


Thanks to @Gwylan for setting up our next meeting using her account. Hope to see you there:
Topic: Clwb Ffotograffiaeth
Time: Dec 8, 2020 06:00 PM LondonJoin Zoom Meeting ID: 864 8531 7396
Passcode: 383623
@gareth-mitchell hope you can make this one :slight_smile:


This Friday 15th January for 6pm, hope you can make it :slightly_smiling_face:
Clwb ffotograffiaeth
Time: Jan 15, 2021 06:00 PM London

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