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It's that time again so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARAN!


Penblwydd hapus!


Penblwydd hapus! :clap:


Llongyfarchiadau a penblwydd yn hapus iawn Aran Jones.

Dw I’n gobeithio bod T i’n cael dydd ryfeddol go iawn, gyda llawer yfed a gormod i bwyta.:beers:

Diolch am popeth a wastad helpu pawb gyda eu cymraeg.

Joio fe boyo.

Dy Cymraeg ffrind sydd yn dod o De Africa.



Penblwydd hapus iawn i ti, @aran! Mwynhau! :slight_smile: :birthday: :gift: :tada: :sunny:


Wel boi, anlwcus, hynafol rwan :grinning:
Siac a Sŵt


Penblwydd hapus a llongyfarchiadau Aran! :birthday:


Penblwydd hapus, Aran!


a diolch am popeth!


Penblwydd hapus Aran.


Um… I don’t suppose you’d believe me that the forum, in all its sensitive kindness, decided not to show this to me?!

And yet that’s what happened. I’ve only stumbled upon it now doing a trawl to make sure that I found the odd bits and pieces that the forum doesn’t show me from time to time!

Thank you all very much. I’m happy to report that I don’t feel significantly older…:wink:


Didn’t any of us ever use @aran in a posting? Oh dear!! Still, you found it o’r diwedd :sunny:


Yes, @AnnaC did …


I’m reviving this thread to say over and over again …


It was yesterday but I hope it’s not to late for some good wishes.

So, Aran, I wish many happy and successful years to come on and off SSi. Hope you’ve got yourself a great party yesterday!

Tatjana :slight_smile:


I’m sure we’re all going to echo @tatjana in this!

Penblwydd a flwyddyn hapus @aran a diolch o galon am SSiW!