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June Bwtcamp Mehefin 2020 - ***Fully Booked***


I am interested in the Bwtcamp Mehefin. Please let me know any more details, if places are still available? Diolch


Hi Iestyn
I’m interested! Any spaces left? I’ve been before (last June), so don’t know if I’m priority - but wld love to come…


I’d also be interested in going on the bootcamp :):star_struck:


Believe it or not, that date just fits perfectly for me, and even after my stress of Bwtcamp last year I’m up for having another go!! I will be on that side of the Atlantic (from Canada) and have free time that week before a harp workshop in Scotland that runs the following week!

I was wondering what to do that week! :smile: so how perfect is that?! I think I must be a bit of a masochist!! Only thing is that I may have to leave a day early like I did last year to make it to Scotland for the harp but still willing to pay for the full week of course.




Hello, Yes I’m interested in attending the June Bootcamp.
Oh no. What have I just done.


All you’ve done is “express an interest”. You haven’t signed up, you haven’t paid. That’s when you really think “OMG, what have I done?”!


Aaagh! I make that 24 people interested in the 10 places available.

SO. I’m going to open the booking and quietly invite people in the order they’ve expressed thei interest. I have also asked Tresaith whether they have another date available between June and July Bwtcamps, but I doubt that. Once June is full, I shall open July immediately so that we can fit as many of you in as possible.

It’s Wednesday today, so I will start the booking process early next week. I’ll announce the start here, and I’ll let you know when it’'s full. Just to manage expectation, I already have two people with definite places, so if you are 8th on the list, you should get a place offered you, but if you are 8th, you’ll be depending on someone not booking. Does that sound fair to everyone?


Maybe next year… couldn’t make it this year as not long started to learn Welsh… however, Tresaith is 7 miles from where I live so if I have a day off could I join in for a coffee sometime??


Thank you Lestyn . Hopefully you will take my 1st expression of interest (probably 5th or 6th) which I later corrected to put the right date!

Best wishes


Well fair to a point! Just wondering how two places can have gone aleady, and how long do we get to respond? Will you email as well as post? Its quite difficult to navigate this forum and I find it hard to keep track. Sometimes feel SSIW is an IT test and my technical ability is even worse than my Welsh!!!


Shw mae, Di?

Yes, I shall email each individual, to the email address attached to their forum account, and announce on the forum that the process has started, so everyone knows if they haven’t received an email.

And yes, there are wo people already - even in the ‘free for all’ system, I sometimes kept a place or two for people who, for instance, were booking tickets from Australia months in advance, or were being put on the course by their workplace, etc.

I hope that eases your worries, Di - I’m really looking forward to welcoming you back, so lets hope we can squeeze you in!


Hi Iestyn

I don’t think I am going to be able to go to this bootcamp. We are having fairly major work done on our house in the autumn, so it is difficult to justify the expense at the moment. Please bypass me during the booking process so that someone else gets a chance.

Thanks, and I do hope to have the chance to go to a bootcamp in the future.

Pob hwyl



Thank you for letting me know, Neil - I hope the work goes well, and when you are ready for bwtcamp, let me know!



Hi @DiMatthews, I struggled to get my head round the forum to begin with and was disappointed that I was finding information after the event had happened. I’ve recently discovered that if you change the option below the big blue reply arrow to “watching”, then you will get an email every time someone posts in that thread. That’s how I now know when @Iestyn posts about the boot camp. If you do that with all the threads your interested in then you should be up to speed. As long as you look in your email inbox regularly, which I sometimes forget to do! HTH


@jenny-5 i see the big blue arrow but what is the watching sign?


I’m lying. What i see is the reply sign on blue and the black big arrow sign. When i press the latter there is no option called watching @jenny-5


Hi @DiMatthews. Just below the line that includes the big blue ‘Reply’ button there’s a little white circle with ‘Normal’ next to it. If you click on that it will give a box with a range of options - the top one being a blue circle with an ! - ‘Watching’. Click on that option and you will then be ‘watching’, and the circle will look blue with ! and say watching instead.
(I just took myself off ‘Watching’ and did just as described to make sure this works!! So hopefully should for you too).


So, there will be another bootcamp in July?
I’ve missed out twice now so I need to be prepared!
Obviously because I’ve never been on a bootcamp, can I ask why learners are not ‘ chosen’ to go depending on their level…I mean all level two learners together for example?


I think I"ve got it. Thanks Ann