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June Bwtcamp Mehefin 2020 - ***Fully Booked***


Sorry @ann-6 i should have put your name. I think I’ve got it. Thanks


@helen-john-2 That’s the rumor (about a boot camp in July) :slightly_smiling_face:
I dont think people are chosen based on level. It’s more a matter of who expresses interest first.


Hi im interested in the bwtcamp in June if there is any spaces left? will have finished level 3 by then and keen to practice



Sorry - just popping my head in in a hurry to say: I’m not going to be able to book the June Bwtcamp this week. Hopefully, I’ll get things rolling next Monday, but I’ll let you know.

An yes, there is a July Bwtcamp pencilled in (for the very last week) and one in September. I’ve asked about other dates, but don;t hold your breath - the only ones I’ve been offered aren’t really practical.


If I’m not selected for the June bootcamp then please put me on the list for the July one.
Many thanks


I fi mae mis Gorffennaf hyd yn oed yn well. Paul


I assume that the “very last week” is July 25 through Sept 1 for bootcamp? Asking for clarity only.


I would like to register my interest for June, but it looks like that is already full. So if possible I would like to register interest for September. Thanks


I am interested in any of the boot camps this year


July would be best for me but June, or September are also ok.
As long as I get to go I don’t really mind.


Are there any bwtcamps still available? I’m a little lost scrolling through all this thread to see whats full and what isn’t!?


Hello all! Sorry for ‘radio silence’ - it’s been a mad few days.

I’ll be setting up the booking page tonight, and I will message the first ‘cohort’ of invitees tomorrow. I will then be in meetings for two days, so if everyone can sign up by Friday all well and good. After that, I will release places one by one to the next on the list.

So, I have ‘send message to Bwtcampers’ (OK, ‘hala gwahoddiadau’ is what;s actually there) as first item on my Tuesday timetable. See you on the other side!


Understood! I hope I will be a gwahoddiadau!


Ok …Just to confirm my earlier posts,I would like to go on the June bootcamp. If that is full then I would like to go on the July bootcamp
If I don’t make that one then put me on the list for September.
If I dont make that one …then Im going to learn Portuguese instead.
Hwyl fawr


Hi I would like to express an interest in the June boot camp please.


Bore da bawb!

I have just sent an email to the first eight people in the list (count from the start to see if you are included in that number!) which includes a password to book a place on June Bwtcamp.

Please, please, please, will no-one else start the booking process, as the system allows you to select the tickets you want and then reserves them for you before it asks you for your password in order to pay. The reservation runs out after a short while (an hour or so, I think), but in the meantime people with invites may be coming in to buy and finding the even ‘sold out’.

I will be inviting a few more to fill in any gaps on Friday, so if you are early in the list, please make sure you’ve booked before then, otherwise you may miss out.

If anyone of the first 8 hasn’t recevived an email (check your spam folders!)m please let me know, and I shall send the password via PM.




S’mae Iestyn,
Dw i wedi archebu. Mae hynny’n frawychus iawn!
Welai i chi yn yr haf.
Diolch, Gareth


@Iestyn Disappointed. Of course hoping for a gap to foll but as a contingencyz, is it too soon to register interest for July? And what are the dates for Sept please.


Shw mae, Di?

You are currently 12th on my list of 10 for the bwtcamp, so if 2 don’t book, then you’ll be on. However, even if June fills without you, then you will be one of the first to be offered July, so don’t worry - you will definitely be offered a Bwtcamp place this year! (And it will be great to see you again!)



#@iestyn Diolch!