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June Bwtcamp Mehefin 2020 - ***Fully Booked***


Hello Lestyn,
I can see your June Bootcamp is fully booked with a waiting list! I would like to express an interest in coming on a future one (July or Sep??). I finished level one on the old course some time ago and stalled. So I am currently cracking on fast with level one again in new course mode to revise and am finding it really interesting to hear some different ways of saying stuff.
Not posted before so I hope I am posting in the proper place!
Many thanks


That would be through to Aug 1st @Sionned yes - I think Iestyn would be totally exhausted if Bwtcamp ran for more than a week :wink: :joy:


Oh lord, of course that’s what I meant. Running on lack of sleep here . . .


Hello June Bwtcampers. Just a brief note (before I wake the kids up) to say - I will be sending the next few invites to book tomorrow, once I’ve had a chance to sort out who’s booked and who’s necxt on the list. It’s half term here, so I’m technically on leave, but Bwtcamp is too exciting to be delayed by holidays and stuff!

The for everyone who doesn’t get an invite, I’ll start a July interest page, but will list you all at the beginning of July page and you can say yes or no there.


Diolch Iestyn, looking forward hopefully to July, too far down the list for June I know.


i’m interested depending on getting time off work so add me to the list, please


Have the next batch of invites for June gone out Iestyn?


I have sent out all my invitations, and had one refusal, which means that I am sending out my last invitation today, and it’s coming to you Di! I;m really looking forward to seeing you again!

Expect the email in the next half hour.

To everyone else, I have a list now of people to invite to the July Bwtcamp, which I shall start to send out at the beginning of March, if that’s ok. You can work out roughly who;s getting invited by counting to 9 from Di’s original post. Though it gets complicated then because I’ve had to start counting people from two threads…

I’ll be sending out emails with the first task next week, and then we’ll get this show on the road!


I would be really interested in September’s bootcamp.


@iestyn what is the name of the place you can puck up bwtcampers from please?.


S’mae! Is the June bootcamp full already, or is there still a chance to sign up? What are the July bootcamp dates? Thank you!


Hello Iestyn. I missed out on the April Bwtcamp and the June dates coincided with a holiday. Am I too late to express an interest in the July one (24th July to 1st September)? Peter.


Shw mae @DiMatthews? The place you are looking for is Tanygroes. The bus stops on the main road by Caffi Emlyn (an old Bwtcamp haunt) and it’s about a 4 minute drive from Tresaith. In case of emergency for travellers from Aberystwyth - the bus then goes on to Aberporth, village hall, which is also about a 4 minute drive from Tresaith.

@mohinigupta and @peter-lockyer - June is full, yes, and I have a list which is more or less full for July and September at the moment. My ‘list’ consists of all the people who have expressed an interet here and on the general bwtcamp 2020 page, in date order, so Peter - you are in second position in the list and are guaranteed an invite to the next Bwtcamp that runs. Mohini - I shall add you to the list of interest amd keep you updated on the forum about what is happening.

For everyone else, I will be sending out emails with a bit more information and your first Bwtcamp task towards the end of the week. Don;t worry - it’s not time dependent, so don;t be checking emails ever ten minutes.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all!


Diolch yn fawr! I’ll wait for you to let me know about the upcoming bootcamps. Hope to make it to one soon - fingers crossed!


Thanks, Iestyn. Just for clarification, I am guaranteed an invite to the Bootcamp (24th July to 1st September, if it runs. Yes? Diolch. Peter.


Diolch.@ Iestyn. Because I am starting the Lynn.Peninsula coastal walk with Stephen directly afterwards I am hoping to get away pretty early on the Saturday which I know is when we clean so hoping I can do my share Friday night and also that I can bum a lift to the bus stop. As I recall there was no evidence of taxis!!


Yes Peter - you’re second on the list for the July Bwtcamp as it stands. There’s a few things that need sorting out at our end before I actually invite anyone, so I’m afraid I’ll have to ask for patience. It will probably by April before I announce anything, but if you’re keeping dates clear, it’s worth keeping these!

For everyone else - sorry - the end of the week has turned into the beginning of this next week - you’re email is on my list for Tuesday.


Haia Iestyn. I’m worried about missing messages - so can you keep me on the list for July b-camp. I think (from a quick countdown) that I should be on there. So I just wanted to re-express my interest.


Hi iestyn, I suspect I may be on the list for July. If so is it possible to bump me onto the September one please?
Thank you,


Prynhawn da Bwtcampers!

You will all receive emails today which includes a couple of questions to start us off. Here are my answers:

My name is Iestyn, and I live with my wife Cat and our 4 (is it only 4?) children in Llandysul, Ceredigion. I was brought up in Gilfach Fargod, in the Rhymney Valley.

I want to speak Welsh because it is my first and native language, the language of my Welsh ancestors, and because my kids would find it a bit weird if I started speaking English with them…

I love singing. I’ve always sung to the kids since they were babies, and I was in a choir before the pressures of being a dad ate into that too much and I decided to give it a miss for a while.

One of my favourite things to do is to get up early (before 6 most mornings) and do an hour or more of stuff before anyone else turns up in my life. The world is particularly beautiful first thing in the morning, and when everyone else is asleep you can get so much done!

I’m looking forward to meeting you all - on the forum to start with, and “in the (Welsh speaking) flesh” very very soon!