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June Bwtcamp Mehefin 2020 - ***Fully Booked***


Maybe the course organisers can lead a discussion or set us some tasks to keep us on our toes.


Yes - sounds good :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Iestyn I’ve heard that the June Bwtcamp may be cancelled :frowning: Are you able to confirm yet please? :slight_smile:


Hi folks - I’ve emailed Iestyn to ask if he could update here - I think we need to accept that it’s very unlikely to be able to go ahead as scheduled, with Wales already having stated that Welsh schools won’t be returning on the 1st of June…

So we will of course operate on the same basis as for the previously postponed Bootcamp in April - we will run a replacement Bootcamp when it’s safe to do so, and we will also let June 2020 Bootcampers take a place on any subsequent Bootcamp of their choice if they can’t make the replacement (but we’ll try as hard as possible to find a date which works for as many of you as possible!).

Any questions, PM me here or drop us a line at - and I’m really very sorry that it doesn’t look as though we’ll be able to keep to the June dates… :frowning:


Shw mae, Bawb?

I came to say just what Aran said - it certainly looks as though we will have social distancing rules in place for an extended period here, and it would be very difficult to maintain a 2m gap at the centre before you even start to talk about activities and the like. So Junes is looking to be out of reach as far as Bwtcamp is concerned.

I love the idea of a zoom meet-up during Bwtcamp week - You’ve been brilliant together, and hopefully we can keep you together as a team for a real life bwtcamp - when we know a bit more about the future of lockdown, we can start to plan.


Hi everyone,

I assume I’m the last of the group to do this, but please forgive my shamefully late introduction… when Iestyn’s email came around, I was hurriedly trying to get my head around doing my job online, and I forgot to do it. Two little isolated kids have kept me occupied ever since! A lot has changed since then, but still, even if we’re only virtual for the foreseeable, I’m here now…

Anyway, you all seem like great company, and I dearly hope we can get together at some point.

So, my name is Gwilym - or Gwil - and I live in rural Cambridgeshire. I have two sons, five and two years old, who are taking up most of my time at the moment, but my ‘real’ job is as a university lecturer in English.

My main reason for wanting to learn Welsh is to recover one of the languages that was lost in the family with my grandparents. The literary scholar in me also wants to understand cynghanedd properly. I’ve been avoiding taking the plunge on boot camp for longer than I care to admit.

I love to cycle, and was looking forward to bringing my bike to wales for some hills, which are so badly lacking in my neighbourhood. I also play guitar - hopefully we can have a proper jam somewhere in the future!

All the best,



Don’t think you are the last as I did not send anything. I was rather confused as I thoughtsome of the posts were from people doing the April camp, but maybe I got that wrong. Easily confused!
Anyway, I live in Radcliffe on Trent near Nottingham although I am originally from Pontypool. I am retired, having done various jobs, the majority in the health and legal fields. I promised myself I would learn Welsh when I retired, and am making disappointingly slow progress but I do try! Did one bwt camp last June and was so looking forward to doing one this year…
Hobbies are trying to learn to dance and play the uke, a bit of running (mostly just park runs) walking, cycling, theatre and cinema and i love to travel. So far we have cancelled 5 holidays this year because of the corona virus!
Would love to meet up on Zoom with you all and hope we can finally meet face to face.


Hi Pawb.
My name is Marion and I’m booked on to the June bootcamp so fingers crossed it will still go ahead. I live in Cardiff and work full time and have been learning with Ssiw for about 18mths now.
Really looking forward to meeting you all. If there is a Zoom meeting please invite me!!


Only just read the thread above :frowning: . A wise decision though . Look forward to a later date