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Level 1 vs ‘6 minutes a day’


Noswaith dda pawb,

Apologies if this has already been covered.

I completed level 1 a few months ago and got a few challenges in to level 2 before life got in the way. I signed up to the 6 minutes a day course a few days ago as I thought I might be able to shoe horn this in a little easier than the 30 minute sessions.

My question: is the end point of the 6 minute course any different to the end of level 1 or will I be reworking material already covered?




Hi Dan
As far as I know, it takes you up to the end of level 2, with loads of encouraging tasks and a touch of ear-tweaking for those who would benefit from a slightly more structured approach. So, you’d be able to use the earlier part as a refresher.

Thanks, John Young


Perfect. Thanks John - much appreciated.


I guess it might be interesting for you to know there’s a special offer going on until the end of this month - in case you’ve missed it:
if you subscribe to the ‘6 Minute a Day’ course you also get free access to the £240 ‘6 Month Welsh Speaker’ course.

In order to get this, you just have to add a name of a referral of your choice from this forum in the ‘How did you hear about SSiW?’ box when you sign up.
If you already got the offer, ignore this post! (better twice than none!)
If you haven’t…I think it can be arranged (just ask for more details here).



Thanks Gisella, I did note the offer but assumed it was for those ‘completely new’ to ssiw rather than existing subscribers. Am I wrong?


I have just signed up and sent an email to admin. I hope it works!


Well, to be honest I don’t know exactly if it’s just for the completely new! Since you said you signed up a few days ago for the 6 minutes course, I thought it might apply, so worth mentioning. If not sorry for the false hopes! :grin:

In any case we can ask @dee, who can also check @angela-radice’s situation!


We’re never very comfortable making things ‘better’ for some subscribers but not others - sometimes it’s inevitable, but I think with this one we can be flexible, so if you’d like access to the 6 month course, just drop a line - but be aware it’s not a different set of material, it’s just a far more time-intensive weekly schedule - you’ll need to set aside 3 to 4 hours each week to keep up with it, instead of the 40 to 50 minutes for the ‘6 Minutes a Day’ approach… :slight_smile: