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Level 2 Challenge 9


I found this the most difficult of the lessons so far. I couldn’t quite fathom out the “na” in one of the answers. Have I missed something?
Those of us who have learned basic Welsh in evening classes, albeit sometime ago must be a bit confused.


A “na” is a "negative ‘that’ ", but without the full sentence, it’s hard for me to explain much more than that.

But hang on in there - it’ll crop up again and will begin to make sense the more you come across it.


Hi. I thought the same, the ‘nag o’n nhw moyn’ ( that they didnt want) seemed to come from nowhere without any warning, kinda annoying that it just got dropped in like that, but after a few listens it started to fix in the brain. I’m finding welsh a bit like this, say for eg we didnt want to explain ‘do’n ni ddim yn moyn esbonio’ but then later on in the lesson ’ they didnt want to explain’ ‘nag o’n nhw moyn esbonio’ so what happened to the ‘do’n nhw ddim’. feels completely random sometimes.


It does come back up again. I’m struggling with Sa i and so fe’n… Rather than dw i ddim or mae e ddim if I got that right… But Ill get used to it.
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