List of meetups in Newport and surrounding area


More hot mince pie action - Cwtsh on Stow Hill are having a Carol-oci event on the 17th December at 10 am. Carols in Welsh, and mince pies.


Even more mince pie fun. Check out the “one off” tab

(Events on that tab are coming through in a random order at the moment, so check the calendar tab for an ordered view)



Diolch, but way ahead of you :slight_smile: I’ve started using using twitter to look out for events as well.

Sadly though I have a parti nadolig out of town (though if anyone knows where I live, Big Dunc will be house-sitting)


Just wanted to say Diolch James for taking the time to compile the List of Welsh meet-up events.
Lot of work for you I am sure, but very useful for me.
Tonight I have just finished Challenge 25 of LevelOne,so I amlooking forward to trying out my Welsh in conversation.
The Hanbury Arms 1130 inNewport looks the favourite, so I will try there on first Tuesday in the New Year.
Naddolig Llawen ac diolch eto, Phil


Help pawb, tomorrow 10-15 in Starbucks, John Frost Square, a one off get together.
Croeso I bawb.


Now that the initial set up is done it’s more tedious than anything else. When I find the time to make the software a little more streamlined hopefully I can find others to help keep it up to date, as well as expand to other areas.

The Hanbury meeting is a good place to start - they always meet consistently and they’re very welcoming. Did you make it there today?


Thanks James. No I missed the meet on the 3rd, but I am hoping to try for the 10th and see what happens.
Good to hear about the welcoming bit…it is a bit daunting …but looking forward to trying my Welsh out.


Hi Phil, you’re right the first time can be a bit difficult but don’t worry we’re
not intimidating at all. There’s usually about four of us and we sit in the
eating area, you will be very welcome to join us.
Hwyl am y tro Dave.


There’s a ‘Cwrw a Chlonc’ meet-up tonight at the New Inn, Langstone, Newport between 7 and 8.30pm. We usually meet on the 1st Monday of the month (we had to move the January session to tonight due to the bank holiday).

All welcome / Croeso cynnes i bawb!


Diolch Dave,
Hopefully see you tomorrow,


And just checking Dave…I will be going to the Hanbury Arms, in Caerleon…is that correct…???


Hi Phil, spot on. The Hanbury Arms Caerleon, 11-30 'til about 1 pm.


Diolch Yn Fawr iawn Dave


Diolch Yn Fawr iawn Dave am roi’r cyfle e siarad cymraeg ac grand oar y swgrs…
Lots of listening, not too much contributing…sorry about that!!
But such a friendly bunch and you made me so welcome…very grateful.
I will return when I am a little more fluent!
Many thanks,


Phil it was nice to meet you and you did very well, I remember not speaking at all when I first went to meetings.!:confused: I’m glad you enjoyed it, now you’ve taken the plunge there’ll be no stopping you.
you’re welcome any time, remember practise is part of the SSIW way.

Hwyl Dave.


Yep, same thing for me as Dave, lots of sitting there trying to think of things to say.

Don’t wait till you’re more fluent before you go back - it’s the going back week after week that leads to fluency…

Why not double up and head along to the Upper Cock in Croseyceiliog tonight in half an hour…


Here’s an imminent event (which I haven’t had time to add to the list - curse you event info shared as pictures!)


List updated with any new events I’ve harvested from local twitter accounts.

Lunchtime badminton in Pontypool leisure centre sounds promising!


Bore da pawb,
Saturday morning, tomorrow, in Café Nero Commercial Street Newport.
Come along for coffee and a chat about the weather and what you had
for Christmas.:wink: