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Machynlleth meetups


I have just heard that Caffi Alys won’t reopen until the evening of Saturday 15th October. I think we should just move the meetup to The Tabernacl café in MOMA , 10.30.

I might be a few minutes late, because I’ll wait at Caffi Alys in case someone comes who doesn’t know about the change of venue.

Hope that’s ok @Isata @BronwenLewis @paulinehomer




Once again, the second Saturday in the month clashes with something else. This time it’s the Sadwrn Siarad in Dolgellau, which I am going to. Shall we meet on the 3rd Saturday instead?
(@BronwenLewis, @Isata, @paulinehomer)

10.30 Caffi Alys, Saturday 19th November


That’s fine with me.


Would it be okay for me to bring my mum on Saturday? She’s a learner - and a good one, but a bit rusty, so she might nod and smile a bit at first while she warms up.


Hyfrid - she’ll be just right for me!


Yes, definitely - we met at the Eisteddfod, didn’t we? Lots of nodding and smiling is what we want.


Yes - I’d forgotten you’d met. I’ll tell her nodding and smiling is fine as long as it’s in Welsh!


Ooops! Thought this was a private message - sorry Mum!


I’ve just booked a week in Darowen, Machynlleth, 6th to 13th May. Last year I had a lovely catch up with Helen, and I met Bronwen (how’s the cycling?), so perhaps we’ll catch up again this year.


We have a meet up on 13th May, Siop Alys, 10:30. Failing that, I’m sure we could arrange something (look at me, inviting myself!)


perfect! How lucky am I, being there on meet-up day?


I’m hoping to come along to this meet up. Not done much Welsh practice for the last couple of months, so it will be nice to get back into it again!


Perhaps we could also arrange something during the week. What about Market Day, Wednesday? We could either go to Clwb C in the MOMA café, or just meet in Caffi Alys?


Helen, yes I’ll be in Mach on Market day so yes please. And just to be different we’ll do Clwb C. What sort of time were you thinking?
And it looks like my timing is good for the Saturday Siop Alys meet too, with several notes of interest.


Agh! I was hoping to come to Clwb C today, but I haven’t finished my homework. I’m not allowed out till I’ve finished this report! I’ll see you on


Hope the report is going well. @pollypolly and I kept the conversation in Welsh (it quite often drifts into English). Clwb C stalwarts couldn’t quite understand how Polly could live in Edinburgh with no one to practise with and speak Welsh so well. Also, I met @BronwenLewis on my way to the Tabernacle, but didn’t have time to chat because I was hurrying to meet Polly. Hopefully, we can all meet-up on Saturday morning to catch up.


Yep - see you later! Report finished - one more to go!


Lovely to hear, @pollypolly that you’re still doing so well with your Welsh. I love this community!


It was great meeting up with other learners in Machynlleth, and certainly at home i don’t get any face to face practice, but I do a little skype, I read, and listen to Radio Cymru, so I keep ticking over. I still feel out of my depth speaking to fluent speakers, and perhaps i’ll be like that for a long time yet, but hopefully there will be more and more learners to speak to if the plans to get more people speaking the language are successful.