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Mae gyda fi or Mae rhaid i fi?


Hi, can somebody enlighten me please, English second language and getting in a muddle with the above. Am level 1, in lesson 5. I’ve still got something else to say and I’ve still got to say something else sound pretty much the same to my German ears, yet one is gyda the second is rhaid i fi. Thank you


The thing that’s causing the confusion here is the use of the English ‘got’ - don’t worry, it catches a lot of people.
See if re-wording will help -
“I’ve still got something else to say” > “I still am with something else to say” = gyda (because the ‘got’ here means ‘with’)
“I’ve still got to say something else” > I still must say something else" = rhaid (because the ‘got to’ here means compelled to/must)

So if it’s a ‘got to +verb’ sentence, it’ll be rhaid. If it’s a ‘got + noun’ sentence, it’ll be gyda.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Wow thanks for your quick rescue. That is ace thank you and is very clear. :smile: One happy student, was driving me mad


Siaron, you will be pleased to know it did the trick. Only one mistake Thanks again