Mari Lwyd


Any Mari Lwyd dates coming up soon?


Chepstow is the place to be on January 16th

Or there is also Llanwrtyd on New Year’s Eve


Also on 16th January, starting in the Brigands Inn, Mallwyd at 7.30pm. With Gwilym Bowen Rhys. Last year it finished about 1.00am in Dinas Mawddwy.


I posted this on another thread, but just in case people don’t see it - this is really worth going to: a traditional Welsh folk dance group walking the streets of Canton/Pontcanna in Caerdydd with a Mari Lwyd. Great fun!


Saw this whilst waiting to hear back on a question and was transported back in time to when I first read Susan Cooper’s Silver on the Tree. There’s a part where Will and Bran are riding through the Lost Land and are chased into a cottage by the Mari Llwyd.


Keep an eye out for Mari Lwyds about the place this weekend!

And the one in Cardiff: Mari Lwyd in Caerdydd