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If you enjoy cooking, here’s a good way to extend your Welsh vocabulary with Menter Caerdydd:


Get together with other Welsh learners/speakers in the Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan area in some free music sessions for retirees




Bore coffi yng Nghasnewydd - a coffee morning in Newport

Bore Coffi

Bore Coffi


This is a series talking about the castles of north Wales through Zoom:








Menter Caerdydd is kicking off 2022 with an opportunity to listen to some beautiful spoken Welsh. Prof. Christine James will be presenting a bardic view on nature. Even if you don’t understand a lot of it, it would be worth registering to listen in on Zoom to help your pronunciation and hear the flow of the language.


Menter Caerdydd offers a chance to find out more about the women in the history of Wales:

And about climate change:

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Menter Caerdydd have a Santes Dwynwen event running - if you’re in love with someone in Cardiff, send in a postcard nominating them to receive flowers and champagne and saying why they should get them.