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You would be very welcome to join the group and anyone else you know. We really needs new members.

The group was started some years ago by someone from Gloucester and Chepstow was selected as the location because it was the nearest place in Wales. This person has since moved away. The group mainly consists of people who are/have been learning Welsh with Coleg Gwent. There is only one person using SSiW on a regular basis and he lives in Gloucester. Last month there were unfortunately only two of us, me and Nic from Gloucester, other people were unfortunately away. Usually there would be 5-6 of us and there has been as many as 12 but that was unusual.


Hi @colindavies-1

This, what I’ve posted in another thread might be useful for you. Pay attention to things written under mutations table.

As written in that topic, the except is from the great poster Ylolfa published and is called “Welsh on the wall”. There are many useful things especially for beginners. It’s almost “must be” on the learner’s wall somewhere. :slight_smile:

Tatjana :slight_smile:


I hope @elizabeth_jane won’t mind if I quote her mutation of the week. When I asked her at the pre-party meeting in the Black Dog, Caernarfon where she came from, she replied “Dw i’n dod o Felbourne”. Very impressive / Drawiadol Iawn. :star2:


Glad you were impressed. I am not sure what the rules are for mutating Aussie place names. But it rolls off the tongue better to mutate.


I’m not sure of the rules either but my Taffia friends and colleagues living or working in Brussels would always say things like “Dw i’n byw ym Mrwsel” or “Dw i’n dod o Frwsel” so mutating foreign place names is common practice. :smile:


Well that is good news!