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My Silly Little Song


@aran My attempt at making a silly little song in Welsh. Hope you can understand the gramma amid the terrible singing.



Tatjana :slight_smile:


Diolch tatjana.


Dwi’n caru hyn, doniol iawn.

Diolch Rob. Ges i diwrnod anodd mewn gwaith. Ti newydd gwneud fy nos!


Thank you Neil.


Love it! Da iawn wir!


Thank you Siaron.


Very impressed with this @RobMorgan. Can we invite you to the Sesiwn Canu one week?
It’s on Thursday evenings at 8:30pm on the Welsh Speaking Practice

We’ll all singalong with you.
Your voice reminds me of Gregg Lynn from Hwntws


:grin: that’s really great!..missed this the first time :grin:



My singing voice would clear the Albert Hall quicker than a fire. :laughing: