"Mynd am beint gyda" Podcast suitable for learners


Hi Nicky,
I’m not using SSIW at the moment as I’m on the last course with Prifyscol Bangor. I’m so glad I still get the newsletter. Just signed up for your podcast. Just what I was looking for. Diolch o galon. Rohini


Great idea! Diolch.


Still waiting on that pesky iTunes approval, despite many emails back and forth to their support team.

Hoping to record the next one on Friday night if all goes to plan, so should be up at some point on the weekend - but lets see eh!?


iTunes is now sorted (finally!) so that link is now up there for everyone!

Just TuneIn left to sort out their Soundcloud problem then we should be all systems go!


Episode 2 is out now on Soundcloud and as such should be turning up on your iTunes, Spotify and everything over the next day or so.
This time I went for a coffee, as opposed to a pint with author, blogger and general legend Heulwen Davies - who released “Mam Cymru” the book this year through Lolfa, runs the popular blog “Mamcymru.wales” and currently works for BBC Radio Cymru. The chat runs for about 90 minutes and is a really interesting chat.

Give it a try!


Really interesting conversation - I enjoyed that. I’ve listened through twice now, but always been interrupted before the last 10 minutes. Lovely to hear Heulwen’s local accent from ‘the jam in the middle’. I have lots of questions for the next time I see you or Heulwen (although she’s so busy, I haven’t seen her in ages - now I know what she’s been doing!).




Aside from the day job. The 50th of SYP has now come and gone! So hopefully she will be a bit free -r now :slight_smile:


She’s just come down with an “end of a big piece of work” massive cold/flu/sickness sort of thing, so I think she’ll be housebound for a few days.

We are going over her house just before Christmas so If I see her first I will tell her you were asking about her.