"Mynd am beint gyda" Podcast suitable for learners


Hi Nicky,
I’m not using SSIW at the moment as I’m on the last course with Prifyscol Bangor. I’m so glad I still get the newsletter. Just signed up for your podcast. Just what I was looking for. Diolch o galon. Rohini


Great idea! Diolch.


Still waiting on that pesky iTunes approval, despite many emails back and forth to their support team.

Hoping to record the next one on Friday night if all goes to plan, so should be up at some point on the weekend - but lets see eh!?


iTunes is now sorted (finally!) so that link is now up there for everyone!

Just TuneIn left to sort out their Soundcloud problem then we should be all systems go!


Episode 2 is out now on Soundcloud and as such should be turning up on your iTunes, Spotify and everything over the next day or so.
This time I went for a coffee, as opposed to a pint with author, blogger and general legend Heulwen Davies - who released “Mam Cymru” the book this year through Lolfa, runs the popular blog “Mamcymru.wales” and currently works for BBC Radio Cymru. The chat runs for about 90 minutes and is a really interesting chat.

Give it a try!


Really interesting conversation - I enjoyed that. I’ve listened through twice now, but always been interrupted before the last 10 minutes. Lovely to hear Heulwen’s local accent from ‘the jam in the middle’. I have lots of questions for the next time I see you or Heulwen (although she’s so busy, I haven’t seen her in ages - now I know what she’s been doing!).




Aside from the day job. The 50th of SYP has now come and gone! So hopefully she will be a bit free -r now :slight_smile:


She’s just come down with an “end of a big piece of work” massive cold/flu/sickness sort of thing, so I think she’ll be housebound for a few days.

We are going over her house just before Christmas so If I see her first I will tell her you were asking about her.


Episode 3 is out this morning and should be arriving in your iTunes, Spotify and Soundclouds by the time you read this.

This time, because most of my friends have been away over Christmas and not many people seem to have arrived home yet (or they’re still too busy after their first week back at work!) I decided to “mynd am beint” with myself… except I didn’t actually go for a pint because I’m still on heavy painkillers after the car accident! So, if you’re into hearing me talk with myself whilst drinking strong coffee… you’ve come to the right place.

I hope everyone enjoys this one. SSIW gets a big mention somewhere in the middle-ish.


Ooh, after so many côr mentioned, it was time for some hard cor instead! :sunglasses:

p.s. talking about punk music, in case someone is thinking of something else! :grimacing:


Love the theme tune @Nicky! The backups sound great!


Also: I’m about half our in and can understand pretty much all of it! Can’t believe it!


Way to go, Martin! :star2:


Episode 4 is out and should be appearing on your iTunes, Spotify and other podcast players very soon. This time features fellow SSIWer Lara Roberts, aka my wife. An interesting chat!


Looking forward to it.:slightly_smiling_face:


I find I’m on a bit of a ‘plateau’ stage in learning. I’m trying to incorporate and learn new words, but as often as not, promptly forget them. Not too worried about that though, they do start to stick eventually, how long is the problem! So, it’s so nice to hear Nicky burble away because I find I can follow it pretty well! I find that after after listening for a while, I’m no longer translating in my head, just listening and understanding. It’s given me more confidence that one day, I could really gain some fluency. So, thanks Nicky and Lara, it’s a great resource to have, and I was pleased to see it available on my ‘Pocket Casts’ app.


There is a first for everything!!!

Excellent news! And this is the exact point. The more listening you do, the easier you will find it all by far - and if you’re understanding me, having a tendency to be what some might call “someone who speaks way too fast!” you’re on the exact right road!

Thanks for your kind comments and look forward to having you as a regular listener! Send us an email/message and get a comment on the podcast!


Pending confirmation: This Thursday evening, we will be recording the next episode of “Mynd am” with fellow previous SSIW’er Carolyn Hodges, who now works as Head of English Publishing at Y Lolfa, lives across the road from me, has a cool cat and a Fiat 500 - and possibly also Mayor of Aberystwyth Talat Chaudri - if he’s available that night. He also learned Welsh as an adult, has been a town councillor here in Aber for ages.

If anyone has any questions for either of them feel free to email them in either Welsh or English to myndambeintgyda@gmail.com or leave them here and I will get them asked during the podcast.


Episode 5 is now out and should be appearing on your iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and (starting this week) TuneIn podcast players, if they aren’t there already.

This time, fellow SSIW’er @carolynh popped over for several posh coffees/green teas and we covered some pretty interesting subjects, including stories of learning the language and where it got us. What makes this brilliant is that Carolyn actually lives across the road from us, as in - we can see each others front doors!

Carolyn is a really interesting person, who I could listen to for days talk about the things she does and loves - so it was hard to keep this conversation to the length it was! Carolyn will be back on in the very near future.

Give it a whirl!