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Navigating the advanced content



I have recently finished the levels and am starting to look at the advanced content.

I’ve tried to read through the many posts on the subject so apologies if I’m duplicating something that’s already been answered.

I am following Aran’s advice of listening, reading Welsh, listening, reading English etc.

Any ideas on when to move on to the next rather than stay on one. Am conscious of getting myself in a rut and not moving on but also i don’t want to move on too fast.

Any help much appreciated :grinning:



Do you mean the next item?
@beca-brown who produces the series will probably advise when time allows, but I’d say just give it just one cycle as you have mentioned above and then move on to another. I usually take a week for each item. If you are really keen you could finish by looking in a dictionary for any words that aren’t already covered. But that’s mostly for fanatical learners. :slight_smile: PS You don’t have to work through them in a strict order like the challenges, although it would be sensible to follow items in a set in numerical order.


I would say keep moving on. The content is so varied but you will find that most new words are reused and you will get to know them over time. You can always go back to the first interview when you have completed them all and see much you have taken in. Good luck.


Diolch to you both, I think I’ll try one a week for now and see how I get on.

@JohnYoung I wouldn’t say I’m a fanatical learner but I always have my dictionary to hand :smile: