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New learner saying hello


Welsh on both sides…nothing fake there, boyo!


Welcome, Billy! You’ve got Welsh family, so I’d say you’re Welsh! I don’t have any Welsh roots but I’m having a fantastic time learning the language. Have fun and be sure to come ask any questions you may have!


Hello from Canada!
My background is partly Welsh - Jones from Ironbridge in Shropshire a few generations ago. Been fascinated with Welsh my whole life. I have been using SSiW for a few months and finally making some progress. I just signed up for the 6 month course and looking forward to becoming a conversational speaker!


Hi Mikael, and a very warm welcome to the forum! Great to hear you’re doing well so far - good luck with the 6 month course… :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I’ve just signed up this week for the 6 month course after spotting a very enticing advert for it on Facebook! I’ve picked up a few phrases here and there from a lovely little Learn Welsh podcast so am looking forward to building on that.

I decided to learn Welsh after holidaying around North Wales with the family, falling in love with the place, and realising I need to move there. The language is so beautiful, and I feel it’s only polite to learn to speak it if I want to live there! My husband and kids still think I’m barmy but I’ll get them into it before long, I’m sure!

Really looking forward to getting to know everyone!


Hi Samantha, welcome to the Forum!

p.s. don’t pay too much attention to what people around you think of your decision - it’s a good idea! :wink:


Welcome to the forum, Sam! And good luck with the course… :slight_smile:


hi. new learner here. not very IT literate either but saying hello anyway.


Hi @greg-9

Croeso - a very warm welcome!

Congratulations on joining SSIW which is route 1 to becoming a Welsh speaker!

Is it for fun, curiosity or is there a Welsh connection?!

(I’m not sure what you mean about the IT literacy - you’ve posted to the forum and you’ve only just started!)

Rich :slight_smile:


Have moved to North Wales to live about 4 years ago. Planned to do this since I was about 10 years old as I lived then on Merseyside looking across at the Welsh hills. Now, 50 years later and having lived in the midlands for much of that, I look at them from the Welsh side !
Really want to give Welsh my best shot. Did a residential course for a week many years ago and really enjoyed it.


Sounds great :sunny: . Well with SSIW you’ll be speaking from the start - as that’s the way it works - strangely simple!

Let us know how you are getting on and use the forum for anything you need…

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi Sandra ydw i. I am not a new learner. I joined Ssiw abiut 4 years ago and followed the 3 level courses from February.the difficulty was being deaf but SSIW was a springboard i to being able to hold conversations with ease and confidence. I took exam intermediate level and got a good pass and went on to study with Bangor University. I have never really worried about grammar but rather found i could trust what I learned with SSIW to guide me!
I often polished up using Ssiw. Why am i here then… well i have so enjoyed SSIW style of learning I decided to ‘start’ again. This will return some if the confidence i gained before and will say this stick with it because you will be amazed at the results. I look forward to the challenges on the 6 month course and CANT WAIT to start… hwyl pawb!


Hi Everyone
I moved to north wales with my wife about seven years ago to look after a chapel. Now welsh is my wife’s first language.which left me with somewhat of a disadvantage but living in an area where welsh is used daily by everyone i thought i would overcome this easily. How wrong was I now there is thought that when an English person walks into the room a welsh person will automatically start speaking welsh. now there’s my problem - they don’t infact around here they apologise and start speaking English when i walk in dispite my protests of carry on i need to learn.
so whilst I’m here one of the reasons i want to speak welsh is so people don’t need to say sorry


Hi, bit late introducing myself as I’m on week 3 of the course but hello!


A belated croeso, welcome to the forum @lucy-forrester ! :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:


Hmm struggling with this posting thing. I tried to post a new topic asking for an idiots guide to uploading my first 'word" on Soundcloud but where the post went I have no idea. Having re found this thread I shall try here if I may. I have downloaded Soundcloud on to my Mac book. My iPhone did not want to know and would not download it for some reason [I will be the reason] Can anyone explain if I need to do something to my Mac book to allow me to record my voice? I have only just finished week 4 so am a week behind and want to catch up.


Helo @greg-9! One of the administrators moved your post into the general thread where people ask for help with SoundCloud.

If you go to How to set up and record to an account in SoundCloud you will find quite a lot of advice there, but your post has been moved to Problems with Soundcloud. Have a look through there and see if it helps you.


thank you!!


Shwmae everyone!!

I’m Dan, an Englishman originally from Somerset. The only Welsh I knew before meeting my Welsh speaking other half was “twll din pob sais!!”

Basically, we’re planning on having children in the next five years or so and my other half wants to bring up our children as bilingual. So I’ve decided that I want to be part of this!

Looking forward to this journey ahead of me

Diolch yn fawr


Excellent! And in the meantime, enjoy your learning and let us know how you’re doing!