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New learner saying hello


Hi Francesa. If your family are coming to Wales in the summer and haven’t booked dates, then two good dates to arrive for are either Tafwyl in Cardiff Castle,, 30/06-01/07 or the Eisteddfod in Cardiff Bay,, 03-11/08.


Oh! Hi, Francesca – I hadn’t realised that we had interacted here before, either :slight_smile:


Hope I’m doing this right!

Hello everyone, I’m Goog (Georgina for long) and I’m learning Welsh because I’ve been with a native Welsh speaker for 7 years, married for 2, and embarrassingly haven’t made any real effort to learn his first language! I’ve always said I will, soon, when I have time, and when the 6 month course appeared it seemed perfect.

I’m so happy to see that everyone is enjoying the course, and that encourages me loads. I should be getting my first Monday email next Monday so will spend the week perusing the site and seeing what’s in store for me.

Good luck everyone!



Hello Goog, welcome to the forum and to SSiW :smiley:
Make yourself at home and if there’s anything you want to ask or any problems you come across, just shout - there’s always someone around that can answer or help or sympathise!


Great to see you on the forum, Goog - looking forward to seeing how it all goes for you! :slight_smile:


Snap!! Croeso Goog. I love ‘for long’!! I’m just an aging dragon… mm… make that ‘aged’!


Hello everyone,

I’m Keri and live in Devon. I lived in Australia for a long time and whilst there I worked as as AUSLAN (Australian sign language) Interpreter. I moved back home nearly 3 years ago and am now learning BSL. I love languages and tried learning Welsh about 20yrs ago but just didn’t keep going with it.
I have Meniere’s Disease (main issues are severe vertigo, constant tinnitus and hearing loss in one ear, hence learning BSL), and am unable to work and rarely leave the house. I don’t want to waste my good days so this 2 year course seemed like a wonderful opportunity to finally get a grip on this beautiful language. I’m sure my Welsh ancestors are smiling down on me lol

Good luck everyone!



Hi, and welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome to the course and the forum, Keri! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone

I am now doing the 2 year course which suits my needs better so I have not disappeared



Helo Pawb! Lee ydw i. Dw i’n newydd dechrau y “6 mis SSIW cwrs”. Dw i’n edrych ymlaen i gael y cyfle i ymarfer cymraeg. Mae eisiau i fi rhoi mwy “effort” i ddysgu cymraeg nawr achos dwi eisiau fy merch i fynd i ysgol cymraeg. Llawer o fy nheulu yn siarad cymraeg ond dw i’n teimlo cheated haha! Mae ddrwg gen i my welsh is a little rusty. Allai i ddim yn sillafu. Gobethio i siarad i chi yn fuan. Diolch Lee

Hello everyone I’m Lee. I’ve recently signed up to the SSIW six month course and I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to speak Welsh. I need to put more effort in to learning welsh as I want to put my daughter in to a welsh school (she’s almost one and already signed up haha). I have a lots of family that speak welsh but they didn’t pass it on to me, I feel some what cheated haha. I apologise for my welsh it’s a little rusty, spelling has never been my strong point. Hope to speak to you all soon. Thanks Lee


With that much under your belt already, I think the next 6 months are going to be a hugely successful time for you… :slight_smile:


Hi Francesca
I’ve been dipping in and out of SSiW for a year or so and eventually I’m staying with it! I live not too far from Mumbles, about 30 minutes, depending on the sunshine, traffic and other peoples’ desire to buy a Joes icecream :slight_smile:
Although I’ve lived in S Wales all my life and did learn Welsh in school I never got good enough to speak but I am gaining in confidence through the SSiW course - and I get the same issues that you mentioned about mixing up ‘someone who wants me to tell you… etc etc’.
I’d be happy to meet up if you come to Swansea
best wishes


Hi, as a born and bred Welsh national, I’m ashamed that at 23 I can only say a few things in Welsh, and none of them help me unless I’m desperate for a toilet or needing a door or window shut. My GCSE’s in Welsh had me seeing a D on my results, now 7 years later working at a place that sees tonnes of people from all over Wales (and the country) I have a need to start it back up again. It is nice to see people outside of Wales taking an interest in Welsh as well.


Don’t be ashamed - it’s not YOUR fault: :slight_smile:


Best of luck!
What are you ashamed of? You should be proud that you want to learn Welsh!



New to SSIW, brought up in cardiff (so I have a GCSE in Welsh) but can only remember a smattering of the language sadly! I’m trying to learn Welsh because I’ve always wanted to, but also because in work we’re biligual and I’d love to be able to have conversations in Welsh :smile:

Just been mooching around the forums and everyone seems really friendly which is nice :smile:

Has anyone got any tips about an Welsh dictionary app that is good?



Hi and welcome, Taz-Jay.
I use the Oxford Modern Welsh Dictionary in hard copy format. It is edited by Gareth R King, who is a member of this forum.

Also on-line I use:


A warm welcome to the forum, Taz-Jay, and congrats on your first post… :star: :star2:


Thanks for that! Have ordered the Oxford dictionary now :smile: