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[now starting to publish] Level 3 northern


I had my first go at L3C1 today!

My thoughts are similar to what @Pete2 posted in [now starting to publish] Level 3 northern :slight_smile:

Plus: “I want to find a shop near the hotel where I can buy a few postcards” <-- will be immediately useful to me next week :D. And Aran’s voice seemed to be back to normal again (he sounded a bit odd to me in L2C24+25 for some reason). And the recap of bits from Level 2 was nice - a combination of familiar + good practice.

Minus: the volume seemed to go up and down, fading in and out seemingly at random rather annoyingly. Not sure whether this was due to the iOS app or the audio file itself. Also, the pauses seemed to be very long, especially for the short items such as “shop” or “near the hotel” – are they all the same length rather than being longer for long snippets and shorter for short ones? So there were several pauses where I had “long” finished speaking before Catrin chimed in.


The volume bit has been fixed. When you get to Challenge 3, you should notice that the ups-and-downs have been flattened out a bit :wink: I’m pretty sure that Ifan has also adjusted how the length of those pauses is calculated (again, starting with Challenge 3).


Thanks, that’s a relief to hear!

(Will Challenges 1 & 2 be re-mastered at some point? I gather that with the new setup this is mostly a mechanical thing rather than having to get Aran and Catrin sit down for another round of recordings?)


I’m sure that those two will be remastered at some point - but the focus right now is on getting the machinery tuned up so that we can produce more lessons.


Thank you!

In the mean time, I’d also like to give my thanks to those who didn’t wait until Level 3 was completed but went through the first two Challenges and provided feedback so that the subsequent ones could be improved – and to those who did the improving :slight_smile:


Any news on new challenges? :slight_smile:


We’re doing a rebuild of the SSiBorg at the moment to allow us to keep to a faster/smaller cycle of build->publish - so probably going to be two weeks to a month of radio silence, but after that’s over, I’m confident we’ll be publishing on a weekly basis from then on… :slight_smile:


Can I ask about ‘hyd yn oed’. I feel I’ve missed something obvious. Sometimes it appears at the beginning of a sentence and sometimes at the end(?). What am I missing?


I’m guessing its just practice.think of english sentences…the even doesn’t even fall in the same place does it.


Haia Aran,
Dwi wedi bod yn mwynhau lefel 3 yn fawr iawn!
Oes yna ‘course guide’ mynd efo yr audio hyd yn hyn?
Dim brys, dwi jyst ddim isio colli unrhywbeth!

Cofio gorau


S’mae Jenny - a diolch am dy eiriau caredig - falch iawn bod ti’n mwynhau…:slight_smile:

Dylai fod y cynnwys ar gyfer pob wers i’w gael wrth glicio ar y ddolen ‘Vocab’ ar y tudalen gwers - ydi hynna yn gweithio i chdi? :slight_smile:


O diolch!
O’m i’n ar fy ffon symudol felly wnes i colli hynny!


Dwi’n aros, dwi’n aros,
Mwy lefel tri,
Dwi’m licio memrise,
Gwers saith? Ga i?
Efo y ssiborg,
pob dydd dwi’n siomedig,
Gwers arall yn fuan,
Byddai o’n bendigedig,
Hefyd yn bwysig,
Dim bardd ydw i,
Felly dwi angen gwers newydd
Mae’n mwy hawdd i mi


Gyda llaw, dim ond jôc! 'Sgen i ddim digon o amynedd!

By the way, just a joke! I don’t have enough patience!


Hi Aran,
Quick question - I’ve had a new bank card and need to update my details but on the screen it won’t let me change the card number and CVC code. I can change address and expiry date but not the actual card details. Can anyone help?? I don’t want to miss any of the new level 3 when it gets added on! Diolch,


This sounds like a hiccup our end - I’m going to tag @kinetic to get it sorted out for you - ideally before he publishes the new set of lessons… :wink:


Diolch Aran! Dwi wedi cael ebost o Iestyn rwan, da ni’n gweithio at y problem! Dwi’n edrych ymlaen at mwy o gwers yn fawr iawn!
Jenny :slight_smile:


Should be in the very, very near future… :slight_smile:


Great to see that the new challenges have arrived. I missed their arrival so am now starting to catch up. I am impressed with the sound quality.

Perhaps I have over-prepared myself with course 3 (N & S) and also plenty of Radio Cymru, but I am finding Challenge 7 to be a rewarding and stress free experience.

Many thanks, Aran & team for sorting these.


Hello there people…

Four new lessons of L3 Northern were just published :slight_smile:



Oo diolch. Can’t wait to get stuck in :slight_smile: