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Oxford walks


Suggesting meeting up at 12:00 in the Port Meadow car park in Wolvercotefor this Saturday’s (16th Oct) Wytham Wood walk+sgwrs if that’s OK for everyone? (NB Buses available to Wolvercote from Abingdon and Central Oxford)


Linda asks if we might start a little later. Would 1pm be OK for you @chris-roberts @hannah-26 and any others who might be interested?


:watch: UPDATE :watch: : Please note that we’re now planning to meet up for this walk at 1.30pm instead of 12


A good walk+sgwrs yesterday - diolch i @chris-roberts @hannah-26 Linda, Clive & Stephanie :slightly_smiling_face:. Still a bit early for autumn colour, but maybe there’ll be more next Saturday, 23rd Oct, when we have another walk+sgwrs. I’ll post the details later in the week - route suggestions welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl a chadw’n saff


A diolch i ti hefyd, @johnwilliams_6.


Just to confirm tomorrow’s walk+sgwrs will be postponed now to next month :slightly_smiling_face:

… and with that in mind here’s November’s walk+sgrs Doodle poll for you to complete (you can indicate possible/maybe by double clicking an you can edit your dates at any time later if you need to :slightly_smiling_face: ):