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Sadly we have no buses in the village so I am vey much housebound. There is a Community Bus I can sometimes use on a Thursdat morning but it is only a little mini van so space isn’t always available. That all sounds very miserable, it isn’t, I keep busy and love to learn all sorts of things.
Apart from no buses we have an abysmal mobile signal here and the Broadband isn’t much better. That with my eyesight means online itself can be a challenge. The SSiW course is tailor made for me and the knowledge that there are others out there a tremendous boost.
If you give me a day when you can get to either Oxford or Witney I will find a lift of somesort - there are some lovely volunteer groups who cater for the likes of me! It would be lovely to meet you.
I hope we can make it happen, meanwhile I will see if I can make sense of the Zoon instructions. This really is a VERY good game!


Hello Liz,
That is really awkward. We are lucky in Radley to have a regular bus service between Abingdon and Oxford. Thursday mornings could be possible for me, but I normally have a friend with me who doesn’t speak Welsh, so a bit of translation might be necessary. Let’s give it some thought later. Meanwhile, I hope to meet you on Zoom after my intensive course has finished. One more week to go.


Helo bawb - the same weekly meetup pattern as usual - all welcome from complete beginners to first language speakers - do get in touch if you’d like to know more! :slightly_smiling_face:

  • 12:00 Tuesday 9th August / dydd Mawrth 9ed Awst ( via Zoom - contact me for the login details )
  • 12:00 Friday 12th August / dydd Gwener 12ed Awst (Weston Library’s ‘Space for Reading’ in Broad Street, Oxford. It’s in the Library’s entrance hall, by the windows on the opp. side from the cafe. There may be a sign on one of the tables confirming the space is booked for us, but don’t worry if not, it has been booked! :slightly_smiling_face: )

Hwyl a chadw’n saff