Paywall after challenge 16, Level 1 on IOS?


I’m learning the Southern course via the iPhone app, and have hit a paywall trying to download Challenge 17 and beyond on Level 1. I don’t mind subscribing, as it’s clear to see the phenomenonal amount of work that goes into these lessons, but it was my understanding that all of Level 1 was free? Any help would be much appreciated, diolch yn fawr iawn!


Hi @Zahra2019, @aran will be able to confirm - but I saw a similar question on SSIW’s Facebook page which Aran answered.

The amount of free lessons has been reduced from 25 down to 15, with people being encouraged to jump onto one of the guided courses or gain membership as the guys behind SSIW have seen the massively improved success rates of people finishing the course if they sign up.


Thanks for explaining Nicky, that makes sense. :grinning:


Yup, what Nicky said - we’re currently hoping to hold it at 15, but it depends a bit on the usage patterns we see… :slight_smile:


I was just last night sharing this change with the group and singing the praises of SSIW in general and yourself in particular. Diolch o galon eto, Aran.


That’s extremely kind of you, Sean - diolch o galon… :slight_smile: :heart: :star: :star2: