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Pen Ben quiz - Radio Cymru


If anyone’s looking for a really big challenge, a new series of the quiz programme Pen Ben on Radio Cymru ( Friday 6pm might fit the bill - similar to Brain of Britain on Radio 4 but in Cymraeg, a sort of Llyncu Geiriau on steroids :worried:

Trying to understand the question and then think of the answer before the contestants, even if you know it, is really challenging, but the presenter speaks very clearly and it might perhaps be good practice at just (!) trying to absorb, understand and think of a response quickly (which, after all, in a different form is similar to what happens in a real conversation) - worth a try, maybe.


Syniad da, @johnwilliams_6 . I listened to a quiz show on Radio Cymru last weekend (not sure of the title of the programme) and it was great listening practice - I even managed to blurt out a couple of answers out before the contestants! (Not many, admittedly - for most of it I was scrambling to keep up…but a good work out, nonetheless…)


That could well have been a repeat of the final of the last series which was broadcast as a ‘taster’ a few days ago


PS Just had the thought that that episode must be on BBC iPlayer, and it is:


Diolch, John. That must have been it - I didn’t catch the beginning so missed the title of the show.

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Just heard that Pen Ben is back on Radio Cymru, starting this Friday at 12:30 (hopefully there’ll be a podcast as well) - well worth dipping into :slightly_smiling_face:


I just discovered this last Friday. Absolutely brilliant listening/comprehension practise. Clear questions, no messing about!