Penblwydd hapus Catrin!


Penblwydd hapus iawn, Catrin!! Gobeithia bo ti’n cael diwrnod hyfryd!


Penblwydd hapus iawn, Catrin!

Since I am 8 hours behind you, maybe this will just reach you in time for your celebratory ‘sundowner’ drink—a little beautiful sunset I captured to go with it :partying_face:



Jiw, mae hynny yn hyfryd / Wow that’s lovely :astonished::clap:


Diolch yn fawr Huw—I am better with a brush than with words :wink:



So sorry that I’m late, but a huge hug from me, too. Penblwydd hapus i ti, Catrin. :heartbeat::sparkler::star:


Diolch, diolch, diolch a thousand times over for your kind greetings and for yours friendships. Diolch to Aran for his love, diolch Mari for sharing your incredible talent.

I’m very grateful for each and every one of you. XXX