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Phonetic Language


I was comforted to read somewhere that Welsh was a phonetic language (spoken as it is written) - thus making it easier to learn. Now, as the lessons progress I have found that this isn’t always the case. As an example - the the expression “He wants to ask you something”. I believe that this translates into “Ma fe’n moyn gofyn rwybeth i ti” or “he wants to speak something to you”. Similarly - “he’d better” translates to “well iddo fe” instead of “iddo fe well”
Am I getting too confused or are there more similar examples to come.
Meanwhile, dwy’n joio dysgu cymraeg!


Welsh is a much more phonetic language than many others, because the consonant sounds are always consistent - e.g. a g is always ‘hard’ as in ‘gorilla’, never ‘soft’ as in ‘giraffe’, a c is always ‘hard’ as in ‘craft’, never ‘soft’ as in ‘science’, etc.
I think what may be confusing you, going by the examples you’ve given, is that the word order in Welsh is different to that of English - in which case, yes, you’ll come across lots of examples of this.
Glad you’re enjoying it though - lots more fun to come!


Diolch Siaron. I guess practice makes perfect. Not that I am aiming for perfection. I come from Llanelli in Carmarthenshire. I have welsh speaking friends and I would love to be able to converse with them. Diolch eto!