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Practice episode 20 level 2


Is it the same for everyone that the practical listening episodes are simply too fast to make out? It sounds like a VHS on fast forward and impossible to understand. Wondering if this is a bug for me only. Anyone else having this?


My understanding is that It’s part of the plan to train your ear to pick up what is being said my natural Welsh speakers who often speak very quickly. You’ll be surprised how you begin to tune into Welsh at this crazy speed. Remember that you’re use this as a background learning tool for 10 minutes a day, which is the next target. Pob lac.


yes, it’s the same for everyone and all part of the plan. In theory it sounds a bit ‘out there’ but bear with it - there is method in the madness and it does work!


There are quite a few posts on this topic that might help explain how it works - some people think it’s like magic! :wink:


…it also prepares you for S4C :no_mouth:


… and Radio Cymru traffic or sports roundups.
Whoa, what was that!!


Un trio? :rofl:


Cais for a try. We are still old fashioned.
Trio am cais. Tying for a try :blush:


Cais…root of ceisio?


Yes that’s it. I notice it is also used for job applications etc.