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Yep, quite right - ‘dio’ is indeed ‘dydy o’, well spotted. And glad you enjoyed it!


How fantastic that you have some knowledge of the gallery and artists! I didn’t expect that to be honest, and thought it was pretty ‘niche’!


Haha! You’ll find the regular version a piece of cake now…!


I hadn’t heard of either of the artists before Beca. We have a caravan not too far away from the gallery so I’m a frequent visitor. A beautiful place for walks and so many talented artists on Pen Llŷn and surroundings! :slight_smile:


Regarding Sgwrs 11 (I think), which touched on food banks, etc. As it happens, I have also been listening to another talk with a bit of overlap. A couple of interesting words that I gleaned :wink: from it were Lloffa for Gleaning and Lloffion for Gleanings. Good quality crops that were deliberately left for the less well off.

Could you use these terms to describe food bank supplies in a dignified sense? As in diverted quality supplies. Or are the terms a bit too agricultural?

Or also, for Gleaning in a general (gathering of information, etc) sense or do you have to use Casglu?


They are more agricultural. Although there was a programme on S4C years back called Lloffa, but I don’t remember much about it. Interesting though.


Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!


Great photo, mae pawb yn hapus iawn! I’m still smiling


My children - a few years back now!


Actually, having thought more about it, the Welsh for ‘scrap book’ is ‘llyfr lloffion’ - so things collected or gleaned. So you’re right, it can be used in that way. I wonder if Lloffa on S4C was about collectors…


Hi all, Sgwrs 20 coming up shortly - sorry for the delay - you can blame Jeremy Vine…(did you hear Aran on his programme yesterday? Would you like to hear him talk about his experience down in London, teaching JV?)
It’s a south Walian this week… :blush:


Yes, heard Aran yesterday - great!!
And yes I would love to hear him talk about the experience teaching JV.

Glad it’s going to be South Walian again this week, also to compensate the fact that know the audience of millions got isio (whatever its spelling is,sorry I don’t know!) Instead of moyn for want… :confused::wink::grinning:


Sgwrs 20 is up!


My Gog wife said " Ie, ie, ie" very enthusiastically and prettily :wink::blush::blush::blush::smile::smile::smile::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Here’s something I found about the Lloffa programme. Life before Richard and Judy, well daytime TV, anyway. Sorry about invading this topic. As you were :smiley:


Not many clues, but very nostalgic!


I think the links for transcript and translation are swapped - just printed the alleged transcript without checking the pdf first and was confused about all these English sentences… :smiley:


Doh!! Sorry about that! Just keeping you on your toes…!


Thank you Beca :heart_eyes:


Hi all! Sgwrs 21 is up!