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Published: new advanced content



All our subscribers will now see - click on ‘Learn’ to go over to the learning site, and then ‘Learn’ again to get the dropdown menu and see ‘Advanced Content’ - the beginning of Beca’s work with us!

This week’s piece is an intro to Beca herself - a chance to start to get to know our Saer Cynnwys - and as such runs a little shorter than the 30 minute slot it’s going to be in the future - and she’s also keen to hear from you with any requests or comments, so that she does the best job possible of providing the most interesting and valuable advanced content that she can… :slight_smile:

Diolch to @kinetic for getting it set up on the site, and HUGE diolchs to Beca herself for all her energy and enthusiasm since joining the SSiW team - I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m looking forward to seeing how valuable this is going to be for all our advanced learners… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

P. S. Existing Growth Clubbers - don’t worry, Growth Club material hasn’t disappeared - and in fact, we’re going to try and bring all the old Growth Club stuff online in a handy way - for now, the same final set of GC stuff is still there, you just have to click on ‘Advanced Content’ and then you should see a Growth Club link at the top of the next page, if you’re logged in… :slight_smile:


Incidentally, the aim/commitment with the advanced content is to produce at least one 30 minute chat + transcript + translation every week - butbutbut - we have one slight juggle, which is that Beca has got a 6 week slot script writing for Rownd a Rownd coming up soon (so any plot twists that you’d love to see in RaR, here would be as good a place as any to sing out…:wink: ).

She’s going to try to juggle to make sure that we keep on publishing a new piece every week, but it’s a pretty time-intensive gig, so brace yourselves for me looking at you mournfully and asking you to be nice to Beca if we do get one or two weeks where we drop the ball… :slight_smile: :heart:


Is this available through the app? I can only find it on the website.


Croeso, Beca! You may regret asking for suggestions about your weekly talks… If you’re going to be writing for Rownd a Rownd, that would be the perfect opportunity to interview some of the characters for your weekly conversations. My top priority would be for you to jet off to Spain or wherever, track down the woman who embezzled poor Mr Lloyd’s money, and blackmail her live on air into giving it back. I have other, equally helpful, suggestions - just get in touch.


I have just listened to Beca’s introductory chat and read the transcript/translation.
What a great idea!
I cannot wait to find out who she will be speaking with in the future.
We are so lucky to have this facility. I think it will be enormously helpful, and more so because we will be treated to the beauty of hearing different accents and dialects.
I love too, that we are being invited to put forward ‘subject suggestions.’
Bois bach, you spoil us!
Diolch o galon.


This is great. I like listening to Beti a’i Phobol but it gets frustrating because there are so many words that I can’t catch and many other words that I can hear but don’t know, and can’t remember when I get a chance to look them up. Beca a’i Phobol will be just what I need.
Thank you, Beca!


Diolch yn fawr iawn am hynna!

This is great! Can’t wait to hear more! I’d love to hear someone talk about a historical/local history topic, if that’s possible?


Yes, a big thankyou, Beca and all for this. It definitely surpasses my expectations. You are so clear and yet so natural. I love the triple transcripts idea. I ended up understanding every single word and learning some new construction variations along the way. I am really looking forward to catching some dialect from various parts of Wales.

I second Anthony’s suggestion on local history. For me, I’d love some recent(ish) history, perhaps something like the Dinky models factories in Swansea and Skewen. OK, that’s a bit too specific, but anything along those lines. How about tourism, mountaineering, sport, etc?

Also, I was really interested to hear you talking about your reporting of housing estate deprivation. Anything you have on these lines or perhaps urban or rural difficulties would be great with me. But I look forward to following what you have already have prepared and also any suggestions that my fellow students might come up with.

Thanks again, John.


That may need a little juggling and involve us making puppy-dog eyes at @lewie and @jamesmahoney :wink:


I have same trouble with app @lewie @jamesmahoney :eyes::dog:


Indeed, I noticed this yesterday. Beca’s intro is published in a place that the apps (at least iOS) don’t normally look… so this will either take updates to the app, or a slight re-arrangement on the website involving @kinetic.


No problem. I can download from the website and carry it around with me. I just wondered whether I was missing something. I frequently do!


Wow! Really enjoyed listening to that, even though (for me at least), there were so many words I didn’t know. It took me at least an hour to get through it, listening to a downloaded MP3 on my phone whilst having both English and Welsh translations on the screen in front of me. I’ve learnt that spoken Welsh is written down as it sounds (eg dalld - deall), and I must say, Beca talks really fast. It was worth the effort though and I’m looking forward to listening to (and working through), the next one.


Really enjoyed listening to Beca last night, thanks and excited to see the next episode.


Just listened to the introduction and found it very accessable and easy to understand. I’m sure that’s because of Beca’s clear voice and Gog accent (which is my favourite accent so the one I listen to most, I guess).

Looking forward to hearing more.


Top plot suggestion there! Poor Mr Lloyd… she was a bad ‘un! As for interviews with characters… guess what… you’re in luck! Next week’s Sgwrs is with Leisa Gwenllian who plays Kylie Walsh - enjoy!


Has no-one warned you yet about giving me that kind of encouragement? Really looking forward to next week’s chat now!


The best recommendation for using these is:

Listen once - without looking at the texts
Read the transcript
Listen again - without looking at the texts
Read the translation
Listen again - without looking at the texts.

Leave it there - although you’ll feel that there’s still plenty that you haven’t cracked - because there’s going to be new stuff coming through every week - and we’re going to start providing double speed versions, too, so you can use those - after your 3rd run through - to revisit at speed… :slight_smile:


Glad you enjoyed it! Like many Gogs I do have a tendency to talk too quickly sometimes, so if I start gabbling, give me a prod!


Glad you enjoyed it!