Radio Cymru today (13/12/2018)


I’m taking part in a lunchtime discussion programme on Radio Cymru today called Hanner Call.

It is being broadcast at 12.30 and there will be a contribution from @Nicky as well.


I’ll post more details later…


Forgot about recording this! Currently en route to London so will Iplayer later on :slight_smile:


I’m not sure I can remember the last time I listened to Radio Cymru when Nicky wasn’t speaking… :wink: :star: :star2:


Haha. I happened to be listening and didnt think anything of it at first, and then thought - Hang on, thats the radio I’m listening to. :grinning:


Here’s the link to listen to the programme


Wow that’s great. That’s one I try to listen to regularly (in catchup mode, iplayer/Sounds, not live), so great to have a(n even more) familiar voice (or two) on there! :slight_smile:


I had rather a nice surprise listening to this. Usually, I can pick out quite a few words but not full sentences at all.
This time I realised that even though I didn’t identify sentences, I was able to understand the gist of the program and didn’t find it difficult to listen to the speakers. In fact I listened to the whole program twice! All the voices were interesting and I actually wanted to listen to find out what was going on.
So, even though I didn’t understand some of the points, the gist was much better than usual. (If that’s how to spell gist?!)
I am hoping this means I am making progress! :slightly_smiling_face:


Definitely making progress @annmoore! Every time you listen to some Welsh, you’ll be increasing your understanding and making another step towards your goal. :star2:


Thanks for the encouragement Dee :kissing_heart:


Seems to be! :slight_smile:

Interesting word:

Welsh equivalent seems to be “sylwedd”.


Thank you very much! The response on this forum really is great. Well done!


Really enjoyed this programme, and pleased to discover it, as I will definitely be listening regularly now!


Thank you so much for all your kind responses to this thread! I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the programme and have been asked if I would be willing to return again in the future, I’ll keep you posted ! :smile:


I’ve got friends on the inner walls now! It’s all part of my 5 step program to overthrow the BBC. Hoping for a Summer 2020 total shutdown and takeover :rofl:


I think that’s a project we can all get behind… :wink:


…and hasn’t your friend from MamCymru just been on Heno?


Indeed. We’ve been working pretty hard on her new venture for the last fortnight or so back and forth, there were 80 people signed up before going on Heno last night, so I dread to look at the inbox to see how many have signed up since!! :smiley: (20ish mins in)