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Do you when the Blacks are playing? I definitely have never seen Scotland as my country in any way. I will support them against the old enemy, but in a lot of cases I support their opponents. I guess you had Welsh roots, so were divided even in NZ?


I subscribe to the ABE school of thinking…anyone but england…


As the country where I grew up, I’ve always supported the All Blacks, but when I was studying in London I shared accommodation with a couple of Welsh students and that was when I first became interested in Wales. We all watched the Five Nations (as it was then) together, and I started supporting Wales. My only possible Welsh blood is a mysterious great-grandfather who some in the family claim was Welsh, but I’ve not found any evidence of that so far.
So I support the All Blacks against everyone and Wales against everyone, but when they play each other I just get excited every time anyone scores a try and I don’t really mind who wins, though I think I would be extra pleased if Wales managed to beat them for once.

@petermescall Just a quiet word :slight_smile: - that sentiment has been expressed on the forum occasionally and it’s not really encouraged as appropriate here. We have a huge number of English learners who are passionate about supporting the Welsh language and we value those supporters wherever they are.


Oh, you and me both…:wink:


Of course we value anyone who wants to learn welsh.

Its just a little bit of rugby banter. Where i grew up in South Wales, its just a bit of banter, in the,same way that after that fateful rugby cup final in 2003 the Wales on Sunday’s headline was “A nation mourns” with a free poster to put up in the office declaring a “Gloat free zone”.



That’s true, but Dee is right that banter can be tricky on a forum - banter relies on you knowing the people you’re with - it’s between friends - and here, plenty of people you don’t know are reading, and it’s very, very easy for them to misunderstand. Many of our English learners do not come on here feeling comfortable and relaxed that ‘of course’ everyone will welcome them - so we really do need to make that extra, obvious effort… :slight_smile:


Well i hope our English learners recognise the encouragenent we give all learners on the forum…from all nationalities.


Saw advert in middle of “Wyt ti’n gem” for Cymru v Awstralia on S4C . Not sure of time or date, but at least, I presume, you can watch that live?
Edit @Deborah-SSi found it 2.00 pm next Saturday Bbc1 and S4C


Pretty sure I can watch it on S4C … which is my preference anyway for the Welsh commentary.


If this carries on - I think suiicide will beckon! Come on boys, wake up! And stop depending on poor Leigh, he’s human!
Half time -thanks be we aren’t playing the All Blacks, it would be 0 - 100 by now and us lucky to have nil!
Painful - at least we woke up a bit after half time. Let’s hope we do better against Argentina.


40 - 29’lreland beat the All Blacks. Just heard! Wow! Maybe they’ll win the 6 nations too!
@Deborah-SSi @pete Pawb!


I gave up watching the Wales game. It was too painful, but good on Ireland! What a boost for them!


Oh terrible. Welsh ruck…let’s look around and waste precious seconds deciding what to do while the opposition rep organise. Aussie ruck, there’s the ball , let’s go with our instinct before they reorganise.

Oh dear.


We don’t get BT Sport, but Janet has given me a box which she had but never really used, from BT which lets me get all those channels and also a load of others, just not Sky, which I have anyway. So, tonight I will record the highlights of the Ireland/NZ game! And watch it Monday, when I had planned to phone a friend…may have to be Tuesday for that! Sorry, Dee, I suspect I may let forth the odd cheer for Iwerddon, I tend to cheer good play. Somehow, I never seem to see any from a certain team. I do have bad vision!
After Argentina next week, it’s Japan and the South Africa. Oh, how I remember watching poor Japan beaten so badly the scoreboard ran out of numbers and we all, every one of us, cheered their last minute score through the roof that hadn’t been built over Cardiff Arm’s Park because we were so sorry for them! (64 - 14) I’m not sure when they got the other points…try = 4, conversion = 2, rest??


On the plus side, the Scarlets v Glasgow game was well worth watching, although a little chilly up high in the stand.


Well, seeing as we were only 1 generation Kiwis after centuries of being Irish, I’m not too upset at the Irish win :slight_smile:


Recorded US Eagles v Maori All Blacks on my new (2nd hand) BT box. Will watch it later!


@Deborah-SSi watched the MAB exhibition match! Eagles’wings pretty well clipped! If you can see it - well, do you like walkovers?


@Deborah-SSi Barbarians with about 10 from NZ have four tries, 28points against Fiji tonight so far 20 minutes of game played! On sky sports if you can find it!


I’m from Argentina, this gonna sound weird, but is time for Wales to win!! Anyway, I’m gonna be sad and happy with the result! It always happen this way! :stuck_out_tongue: