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It’s always been that way. Afterall, Gareth Edwards played for Cardiff but came from near Port Talbot.


Not sure about tomorrow. Georgia are a good side. Mind, maybe last week’s team wasn’t our best after all!


Theyve conceded over 40 points in their last two games against tier-1 sides, and they lost to Romania in the B group European championship this year. Wales are putting out an attacking back 3, with a mobile pack. I don’t see an upset personally.


Rush of blood to Tomas’ head?Oh dear, Tied game coming I not like being right. Even if it ends 13-6 Georgia has made their point!


Rubbish Welsh performance. First half they needed to take their chances. Handling was awful. I think Cuthbert got the ball down but couldn’t give the try. Had he, I think Wales would have opened up Georgia.
Some interesting calls at the scrum. If you pop up first you’re in the wrong. Georgia did that a few times but the ref gave them the penalty.
Georgia did well but I don’t think it proves anything. Second rate Welsh performance.


I feel they took a chance by not fielding their most powerful team. I can appreciate why, but they left it a bit fine.
Edit: (We)


It’s because world rankings don’t matter now, world cup groups have been sorted, so can afford to lose. Unfortunately for Georgia it means the 6 nations sides don’t value them in the same way as Italy. You’d never field that team against the Italians, they’d lose for sure!


That’s how I feel about the Anglo Welsh games. Internationals played by 2nd teams (?). Although Newcastle did send a good team to Cardiff.


completely agree about the Anglo-welsh cup. They say rugby players play too many games anyway, why cram in something no one cares about?!
I just hope Wales split the gates with Georgia today. At least that would be a positive to come out of it.


What a wonderful moment for Doddie Weir!!


Totally agree!


You really have to play for 80 minutes non stop to beat te All Blacks!


What a difference having your back line playing for the same club eh?! Scotland, England and Ireland all look good for the spring.


That is true for all the Pacific Island nations, all struggling for funds. I hope NZ does the same if they play them,


Busy Rugby day tomorrow! I watch our game more in hope than expectation, just hoping for a good, clean fast game.


Well, another year of waiting. Please let me see Wales beat the All Blacks before I die! I didn’t even see the Llanelli 9 Zeland Newydd 3 game! But the Ireland/Australia game was certainly fast, furious and, for Ireland, fun!


As a bystander and perhaps wishful thinking, I actually thought that Wales were going to win for a while. OK so I’m in the minority, but I reckon that Wales, England or Scotland could beat any team now. Not sure about Ireland, only because I haven’t seen them recently. Also, surely a full Scarlets side could give the All Blacks a run for their money now.

By the way, I gather that Women’s RGC (N Wales) is a “region” now but not the Men’s. They should have got in there quickly, when the Pro12 was updated.


Unfortunately, it’s a money issue. The Blues and the Dragons have both been struggling. The WRU now own the Dragons and have removed the “Newport-Gwent” from their name. So at lot of people think theres a threat that the franchise will move to Colwyn Bay when the time is right. However, they have just landed Moriarty which is a great signing!

Scotland, again, looked very impressive. Australia looked very tired. I also thought New Zealand looked tired.

Ireland have been very impressive this Autumn. Their second string team beat Fiji, which is an achievement in itself.

I have a sneaky feeling on how the 6N will finish.
Ireland (grand slam)
England (lose to Ireland and Scotland)
Scotland (lose to Ireland and Wales)
Wales (lose to Ireland, and England)
France (lose to the home nations)
Italy (fail to win).

It’s a bit left field. Wales and Scotland won’t score enough to finish ahead of England but both pull off the one big game (Wales vs Scotland, Scotland vs England). Ireland’s consistency will be the deciding factor.


I think Scotland are better than you credit!


I think that’s a pretty positive bet. I don’t think I’m being harsh on them. Joint second is pretty impressive.

I’ve also said “Scotland, again, looked very impressive.” How much more credit can I give?!