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Tied first with Ireland?


But that’s a different prediction. I’m not being negative, but Scotland have to travel to Dublin. Scotland are a really good rugby team. Ireland have the edge. They’ve got the win against all the Southern Hemisphere nations not just come close. They’ve been very consistent for years. Scotland, as much as they’re on the rise, don’t have the consistency behind them. Plus, ireland’s scrum has more depth. Scotland’s front row are a weak point.


Next Sarurday’s match against the Boks may provide some clues to our hopes in 6 Nations. I hardly dare watch!


I think Mr Gatland has set his sights on the World Cup and will be using the Six Nations as a development exercise.


Well, skin of teeth time! Need some improvement before 6 nations!


I told you :slight_smile:


Remember that South Africa are still ranked above Wales, so Wales beat a better rugby team today. So like the Dragons fans, rather than be disappointed at their team not beating Ulster they were celebrating getting points against a better team. Positivity :slight_smile:


Putting this here, so as not to spoil the conversation on 2018, elsewhere -

I liked the way that the BBC called the revised Rugby Championship (Pro 14), Y Pro Pedwar ar ddeg. This seemed a nice progression from the previously named Pro Deuddeg. However, they later seemed to change this to Un Deg Pedwar. I imagine too fit in with the official name.

I wonder what they call the French club, Racing 92? :slight_smile:


Ohh interesting, I normally only hear “Racing” without the number (that’s true of both languages). I’ve never heard the French say “quatre-vingt douze” either, just Racing. :slight_smile:


I heard a bit of discussion about this on Radio Cymru one day, and someone was wondering if they could entice another club to join so they could call it the Pro Pymtheg as no one seemed very happy with the Pro Pedwar ar Ddeg / Pro Un Deg Pedwar alternatives :grin:


Just been watching a bit of Pontypool v Carmarthen Quins on S4C. Dim glaswellt (no grass), just mud :slight_smile:

By the way, matrix signs are already lit on the M4 warning of congestion during the 6 Nations :frowning:


I suppose it’s best to start a new thread for 6 Nations 2018? So I shall! @aran if you prefer not, by all means delete what I set up!


BORE DA PEOPLE! I want to let you know the incredible NEWS! Wales is coming to my city in June, with the Summer Tour! After 6 years of cheering this guys up! I’M SO SO SO SO HAPPY! :smiley:


Oh great! Gwych,:Will you not be neutral? Australians and NewZealanders may be of Welsh descent, but they cheer for their country of birth - maybe a tad softly in Warren Gatland’s case!


Brilliant! Where is that? :slight_smile:


This was my prediction way back after the Autumn.


Watching Argentina v Scotland. Good running rugby.
Arg 0 Sco 21 at 15 mins
Wow try at 38 ish minutes incredible! 3 v 36 half time
Argentina did better in second half, but that try just before half time will live in my memory!


I noticed this on Facebook, and thought that it (the post) might be of interest, here.

The return of the Ospreys in the Community Rugby Camps this summer sees the introduction of a brand new offering, Camp Rygbi yn y Gymraeg, which will operate through the medium of Welsh. This is the first rugby camp of its kind within the Ospreys region and is being run in partnership with Urdd. Allowing attendees to enjoy the sport using the Welsh language, this camp aims to help fill the gap of sports and activities, held outside of schools, that are provided in Welsh.


Back / Nol at Parc y Scarlets :sunglasses:
A lady accidentally bumped into me and knocked me flying in the queue but appologised in Welsh. All I could think of was iawn.


@Kinetic Any chance we could have the link to the rugby lesson here please? It didn’t seem to be working when I tried it in the other thread, and this would be a better place to put it :sunglasses: