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Saith Seren, Wrecsam


one of whom (me) was too tired to say much…roll on the weekend :slight_smile:


A great night at Saith Seren tonight. I had the pleasure of talking to someone doing cwrs uwch and realising my welsh is virtually as good (big thanks to SSIW here) and as usual a great chat with @Bob

For anyone near Wrecsam please come and join us. Lovely relaxed supportive atmosphere for all abilities.

(And a great moment tonight when someone described how the weather was cold and they had rhyw on the car this morning!!!)


Didn’t you ask if it wouldn’t have been more comfy in the car?


Well it’s better than having rhew in bed. :slight_smile:


No i asked whether it was on the front or the back.


There was only about 10 of us there tonight but it was a very entertaining night, lots of good conversations and lots of laughs. @catrinlliarjones even got a good laugh when I read out one of her Facebook posts from yesterday about kissing old men by her back door … there was a spark. :blush:




Hi @dee, just a thought … as I’ve just read on the Oswestry thread that it looks like it is no more, is there any chance you could start advertising the Wrexham, Saith Seren chat sessions in your emails? Although not an official SSiW meet up (if there is such a thing) there are enough SSiWers there to warrant a mention. Diolch.


Absolutely - if you’re happy to be put down as the contact person and let me know of any changes, that will be perfect.


Yeah, that’s no problem Dee, thank you.


A few weeks with no posts again, naughty me.

Last night was the highly anticipated ‘tree decorating’ night, it turned out to be three or four people smothering a tree with a small countries entire supply of baubles while the rest of us sat around scoffing sausage rolls, mince pies and sweets while taking bets whether it would survive the weekend in a busy Wrexham pub. A very entertaining night as usual. Oh, and I made a cheesecake thinking that everyone was going to take something for a buffet. That didn’t happen. (my cheesecake was rather nice though, even if I do say so myself.:blush:)

Next week (the 12th) is our Christmas party, I might get in trouble for this but … if you are free please come (maybe let me know on here just so I can warn someone). A crew from S4C will be there and will be broadcasting live for ‘Heno’ and also recording a slot for Dal Ati. Our entertainment will be the amazing Mair Tomos Ifans, she is becoming quite a regular there and is always very popular. Sion Corn will be making an appearance as usual and also there will be a raffle and some food too. A Christmas costume/hat/jumper is encouraged for the evening. Please come along, look for me in the crowd, come and have a chat.


Sounds like it was fun and delicious! I can watch Heno and Dal Ati internationally - I’ll keep an eye out :slight_smile:


Oh @gruntius bach, I feel I know you, desite never having met!! I am a total idiot as I have dipped in and out of this thread from time to time, so do know that people from, say Chester, join you for events at Saith Seren. But I don’t think I ever asked you if you would be kind enough to make an announcement asking any of those from outside Wales who haven’t signed the petition for proper funding for S4C to please do so! The presence of a crew from S4C will show them that we are still trying to influence San Steffan on their behalf!
The link is:

Diolch yn fawr in advance! Oh a Nadolig llawen i bawb yn Saith Seren!


There was a big discussion about this on a Monday night a few months ago.


Diolch yn fawr! I am currently chasing up what was said today at PMQs, that S4C’s funding is secure for 5 years. This is the first I’ve heard of that, and I am on the mailing list of the relevant select committees! I have e-mailed the most helpful MP and will see what transpires!


Noson arbennig heno.

Cyfle i gyfarfod pobl newydd.

Mae rhaid i chi drio gwylio “heno” ar bbc iplayer ac wrth gwrs “dal ati” bore dydd sul.

Ar y trên adre, o’n i’n siarad efo rhywun, ac wrth gwrs, ddudes i wrthaf fo am SSIW.

A special night tonight.

A chance to meet new people.

You have to watch heno on iplayer and dal ati sunday morning.

On the train home i was talking to someone and of course i told him about ssiw


The Christmas party was excellent tonight, fair play, there were so many people there that I literally struggled to get in through the door at 7:15. It all started with a bit of a sing song led by Mair Tomos Ifans, in no particular order there was also a choir doing Abba and Michael Jackson songs in Welsh, Les Barker reading a couple of his poems, a “best Christmas jumper” competition (yes, really), a strength contest which @Pete2 won and a charity raffle drawn while we were all tucking into the superb buffet. All this while a crew from S4C was dancing around us trying to get interviews for Heno last night and Dal Ati which will be on Sunday morning. Oh, and of course Sion Corn paid a visit with presents for all the good girls and boys.


I meant to watch Heno last night but got sidetracked . It is usually repeated in the afternoon the following day so will watch it later . Sounds like it was a great night :slight_smile:


Three men failing to open a jar of pickled onions.

I’m still upset i didn’t win the christmas jumper prize


That wasn’t the sumptuous buffet @gruntius alluded to was it?