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Sgwrs 34 - Advanced Content (Spoileriaid!)


So, it’s Meinir Gwilym! You lucky lucky people!!! (And lucky lucky me too…!)


Definitely like the idea of Meinir a’r gardd Beca!


So are you really going to do the story of Meinir a’r Gardd Beca? I needs to happen!

Also, as soon as I heard about Meinir’s grandfather’s memoir, written in the language of Sir Fon, I had to get hold of a copy for my mother. Managed to find one on Abebooks, and it arrived yesterday. Thank you for the introduction, Meinir and @beca-brown.


Oh excellent! I will tell Meinir immediately! And yes, it will happen…! :blush:


Yes, definitely the best chat so far in terms of high-speed natural talk. Also the fact that it was impossible to predict which way the story was going to go. I mean that in a nice way.