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[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party


Hi all, I’ve just joined SSiW, I live local to Caernarfon. I’m unable to come to the evening sessions due to having a 7 month old (tickets sold out anyway I see), but would it be possible for me to attend the Saturday day activities and bring the boy with me? I have a baby carrier so he won’t be any trouble/get in the way.


I’m driving up today, so don’t yet know when I’ll arrive – probably somewhere around 4:30ish, so with a couple of hours to spare before the proper start of things. Whereabouts are people likely to be, for a panad or a peint?


It’s not my place to answer, but I’m gonna. Bring “y baban” along (and yourself, of course). If you check on Catrin’s itinerary, you’ll be able to see if and when the wrist band may be required - not often, I think.


Sure, come hang out with us… :slight_smile:

Heaven only knows! But there’ll probably be at least some clues either in this thread, or in Bootcamp Parti 10 - this is your thread :-) :slight_smile:


Ohh Hoffwn fod wedi dod y penwythnos 'ma. Cael parti gwych pawb, cael gwydryd neu pump i fi, a Phen-blwydd hapus SSiW x


You haven’t time to attend a party, Caz. There are still nearly half a million Welsh speakers to be signed up before midnight! Dal ati!


Very true lol, I’m happy I got 28 I still can’t believe that to be honest.
Not sure how, must be my magnetic personality hahaha NOT!
Plus all the other joiners on the list WOW, everyone has just done SO well promoting the Welsh language and getting sign ups. Well done everyone x
Any live feed from the party over the weekend at all I wonder?


Heyy, anyone in Caernarfon, or arriving soon? I’m walking around aimlessly right now and wouldn’t mind getting a head start on meeting some of you :grin: PM me! Or reply here, doesn’t matter!


Congrats! Maybe they had a look at your photography image gallery and were so impressed they just wanted to follow in your footsteps!?! :star_struck: :rofl:


@Telyn_Marco I’m flattered diolch lol


I noticed Galeri serve breakfasts (incl. full Welsh) from 9am - are any Travelodge folk interested in meeting up there for breakfast tomorrow?


Just a reminder - if you want to take part in the daytime activities and meet others again before the big fancy evening thing, be at the Anchor by 10am. :grin:

(More information here:!AlIlo4yJ087acwLbaETRHkZ98qE)


Don’t forget about @HuwJones’s link to the information pdf including the map.

The anchor is outside the wall at the north-west point.


Table Table do un unlimited continental breakfast for £7.50 and a ‘full’ for an extra £2. Open 7-11.


It even says on the menu ‘as much as you like’, that’s like a challenge!


Bore da!

So unfortunately it’s a miserable rainy morning! :cloud_with_rain: :frowning_face: So remember, if you haven’t come prepared with a raincoat, the activity is optional. Aran and Cai will be there at 10 to hand out the treasure hunt question sheets. But if you can, we would really appreciate a good crowd of you to gather outside Palas Print bookshop at 11 to support the local, young busker, Gwydion Outram… and bring some pennies for him… :wink:

Otherwise, come to the Galeri by 1pm for the Owen Shiers gig. It will be in Stiwdio 1 at the end of the corridor down the left hand side of the bar. Please bring your wristbands for the gig and please no food or glasses in the Stiwdio, diolch!

I would be very grateful if you could pass this message on! :slight_smile:

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Important update!

As it’s raining, Gwydion Outram will now be busking inside Palas Print! :slight_smile:


Not a lot of chairs in the theatre this afternoon felly, if you can sit on the floor or are happy to stand, please do so. Mwynhewch!

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